Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dylan Owen - Sail Up The Sun

Dylan Owen isn't a rapper. Dylan Owen is a conscious human being with an amazing talent. His ability to take his feelings and put them into words is absolutely incredible. Every time I listen to one of his songs, I feel like I'm not hearing a song but rather a page straight out of a novel written by the greatest author to ever walk this earth. It's so much more than another piece of music - it's a symbolic and meaningful piece of art with meanings deep beyond the surface; it's a part of Dylan's heart, a part of his mind that he is lending us for three minutes. Sail Up The Sun is a piano driven track about a friendship in Dylan's life that has obviously affected him in a huge way. The chorus and verses combine perfectly on this record and tell an amazing story of how to get through tough times. The city can be a cold place, but Dylan makes it warmer with his words and message found within this song.

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Brothers From Another - Blame It On My Youth [Official Music Video]

Blame It On My Youth [Click to Download]

The gift that keeps on giving; Brothers From Another wraps up their adventure with a new video for "Blame It On My Youth". 

The Adventures of Los Hermanos has been an uplifting journey by which BFA has captured the essence of both college and youth and pulled it into the world of everyday life. Each song and video in the series gives the listener a feeling of personal rejuvenation. The great Northwest vibes from the trio will challenge you to sit still and fill you with energy as you think back to the last time you celebrated your youth. 

Embracing  post-graduate life and making a soundtrack full of good vibes has been a great project and gift from BFA. Whether the group has planned a new album, mixtape, EP or just a continuing a new adventure of great songs, we're not concerned; as long as sights and sounds keep coming from los hermanos we'll keep singing along. Check out more BFA below and stay ready for the next adventure!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Ricky Smith - Reaching Out

This one comes from an e-mail submission from the manager of Aer. Ricky Smith is a new client he is taking on with a very distinct sound. This is currently the only track the NYC singer/songwriter has released and I can definitely see this guy blowing up in the next couple of years. 'Reaching Out' is just simply beautifully made and with that being said, you should listen to it. 

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Pusha T - Lunch Money [Official Music Video]

While hard at work on his upcoming album, Pusha T added a great new music video for his Kanye West produced "Lunch Money" single. The eerily intriguing video comments on the musical backdrop within the drug dealing community through a clash of grit and art. 

Pusha T has been very vocal about his forthcoming album King Push, although no release date has been in the works. The rising stock and hype from both Big Sean and Pusha T has helped GOOD Music fans cope with the absence of a new Kanye album. Be on the lookout for more Pusha T and be sure to catch up with the amazing My Name is My Name if you haven't already (or sleep for a living). 

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Alex Ruffin - Space Jam [Music Video]

One of my favorite upcoming Connecticut lyricists with an old school flow just released a music video for his track 'Space Jam'. If you like the track, the production is done by @ShepardSounds and the video is directed by the ever talented Mike Squires, who has made quite a name for himself in the past year. I found myself getting lost in Alex's rhymes while being mesmerized by the editing Squires did with the scenes of Space Jam on buildings. Space Jam was hands down one of my favorite movies as a kid and I really hope they don't ruin it by making a sequel with LeBron James. If you haven't peeped his project Grown A$$ Kid, I highly recommend it!

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Best Christmas Music of 2014

I know Christmas music isn't for everyone (though I personally don't see how you can't enjoy it) but for those who have some holiday spirit, this is for you. Though there is literally no such thing as a well-done hip-hop Christmas song (even though that'd be pretty sweet), I've found some of the best new holiday songs from all other genres. Check them out below and get ready for the best day of the year! It's right around the corner!




Brandyn - The Lost Tapes [Mixtape]

COM favorite Brandyn Burnette decided to give us a look into his past with The Lost Tapes. This project contains four songs from the vault that the singer-songwriter decided to give to his fans. Literally every song on this mixtape sounds like a hit. Read the track-by-track review below and hop on Brandyn's bandwagon before he's one of the biggest names in music.

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1. Waiting
To start off the mixtape, Brandyn gives us a very energetic up-beat anthem about something we all hate - waiting. I love the entire concept of this song, as Brandyn makes it very clear that he's got better things to do than wait for someone to love him. Not to mention, the production on this track is incredible and is something I could definitely see being played on the radio. From top to bottom, this song is a smash.

2. Ashes To Ashes
Don't let the soft opening of this track fool you, because Brandyn keeps the in-your-face style going on Ashes To Ashes. Even though the entire mixtape is composed of older material, in this song particularly I can definitely hear a younger Brandyn Burnette which is by all means a great thing. Not only does it show his progression and growth, but it shows that he's been making hits his entire career. This is a perfect song to play in the car and sing along to, as the chorus is absolutely infectious.

3. Screwed
Brandyn puts it all on the table in this track, as he addresses the fact that he can be a bit of a jerk at times. However he doesn't acknowledge his mistakes in an emotional ballad like most artists do, but rather by making a song almost laughing about the situation and admitting he's "screwed". One of the things I admire about Brandyn is that he can take a rather serious topic of ruining a relationship and turn it into something fun instead of crying about it (which he can also do very well).

4. Tunnel Vision
For the last track on The Lost Tapes, Brandyn gives yet another up-beat, sing-along record. Though it starts off slowly with purely piano and vocals, it takes on a whole different life as the chorus comes around. This is the perfect song to close the mixtape and it couldn't have been more well done. The production is one again impeccable and through the lyrics, I can concur that Brandyn found some type of closure within his relationship while making this song.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

YOG$ - SnowFall

As many of us on the West Coast are just starting to realize, it's getting cold these days, like really cold. Particularly if you're in the great state of Michigan, like YOG$, so keeping with the wintery theme, the 20 year old University of Michigan student just dropped a new track entitled SnowFall.

Although primarily known for his role as a producer, for the likes of Casey Veggies, Rich Hill, and more, YOG$ decides to step out from behind the boards for this latest record. The result is pretty impressive, and I think his future as an artist, even in these bleak winter days, is very bright. 

With a kind of half-crooning, half-rapping delivery YOG$ lyrics stand out as refreshingly honest, and introspective, about college, his goals, and his uninspired peers. The production as you might expect is stellar, replete with some pristine synths and knocking percussion. 

The whole cut has a very serene, tranquil vibe to it, as you might experience upon the first SnowFall.
So, listen, experience, and show YOG$ some love for an awesome track. Stay tuned for whats next.

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