Monday, April 20, 2015

Cal Scruby - Wasted [Official Music Video]

COM favorite and regular Cal Scruby is back with a new track for 4/20. Cal Scruby has taken his talents to LA in the past few months as he moves on to bigger and better things in his career. Still, Cal remains ever present as one of the best up and coming artists on the scene. This track is without a doubt something that all will enjoy, whether you get wasted or not. Cal's talent is something that makes any track about anything fantastic. Your 4/20 anthem for the day, presented by Mr. Scruby.
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Jack Ü – Where Are Ü Now (CJ Holland Official Cover Video)

This singer is making waves in the music industry with a variety of weekly covers of some of the music world's most popular tracks. This Jack Ü cover stands out because not only does CJ Holland add his own flair to the single, but One Love of Kinetics & One Love produced the track. This 21 year old artist has a lot of promise in his voice & I could easily see him making power moves in the indie pop world soon enough. I can't wait to hear what he has in store for us with next weeks #CJWEEKLY.

You can watch and listen to his past covers on his Youtube page.

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Jake Lambo - Scared

Jake Lambo came to my attention about a year ago and since then the Atlanta native has been one of the most impressive artists that no one is really talking about. A month ago Lambo released an impressive mixtape. This is merely the beginning of Jake Lambo and the promising career he will have.
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Jared Evan - Glassful

On Friday Jared Evan, being the nice man he is, decided to release a free track to his fans and supporters. This track has some smooth production to do it. The track overall is an extremely uplifting tune. My only complaint is that it should be longer. There is no such thing as too much Jared Evan tunes in your life.
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Leif Womack - One Day (prod. Ricky Vela)

Leif Womack is an artist that has not failed to impress us since his debut on COM. Since the release of his impressive EP Leif has been on a tear. The young emcee, still a teenager, is spitting nothing but the truth in his raps. Not only are his lyrics insightful, honest and uplifting but the talent and skill behind the raps are up there with some of the best upcoming emcee's in the game. It's now really just a matter of what's next for the young emcee.
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Friday, April 17, 2015

Felly - Probation (Official Music Video)

There seems to be a correlation between the length of Felly's hair and the quality of his music, because ever since Fel started to grow out his mane he's produced nothing but greatness. That trend continues today with the release of the long anticipated visual for Probation, the breakout hit from Fel's exceptional last project Milk & Sugar.

Since Halloween the record has amassed a massive 422,00 plays, and has helped transition many a party from lifeless to lit with it's infectious energy. As soon as D.R.O's exultant horn loops and knocking drums crash in, the head-bobbing begins, only to be set off by Fel's ear-catching hook. Pair that with a typically strong verse, and you have all the makings of a summer banger. Maybe not Felly's most conceptual record, but probably his most fun.

The accompanying visual is flawlessly put together, with a strong team led by Jack Craymer and Jake Standley really going above and beyond to make this a classic. The visual follows Fel and Gyyps as they duck the cops and mob along the way, with some beautiful girls and a close crew of homies.

As the weather gets warmer, this record should become the ubiquitous sound of frat functions, poolside kickbacks, and beach bonfires nationwide, so don't be surprised when you hear Fel's voice streaming out of some speakers. A few months ago I jokingly called Felly Hip-Hop's John Lennon, but I doubt even the Beatles luminary could conjure a record this transcendently turnt.

So kick back, crank up the volume, and go have yourself a weekend. Big ups 2273 as always.

Connect with Felly: @fellythekid

Karizma - Loser [Official Video]

This is the first song I've ever heard from Karizma and I'm thoroughly impressed. The 19 year-old hip hop artist from Minneapolis is fresh off tour with Mod Sun and Blackbear and is proving to us why he's here to stay. Upon simply seeing how he displayed himself in this video, I knew he was something unique and special that the industry has been needing for a while. To begin, the production fits the track extremely well. There's something about the beat that sets the tone perfectly (shout out to Felly for that). Karizma's smooth hook blends beautifully with the intriguing verses and most importantly, it leaves the listener wanting more.

Loser screams originality and contains heartfelt lyrics which take you to another place. After listening to this one song, I can safely say that Karizma is going to be around for a while. I personally cant wait to hear what he has coming next. 

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Brandyn Burnette - I Wanna Be (Free)

Back with another track sure to blow your minds is the ever-so-talented Brandyn Burnette. After the success of Lottery, Brandyn is back with a song that can't be defined. By that, I mean that there is truly no genre for this record. I Wanna Be (Free) contains some beautiful piano melodies along with hints of EDM. The diversity of this song is immense and anyone will be able to enjoy it.

Be sure to check out the track above and keep up with Brandyn Burnette as he plans to release his debut EP in the Summer of 2015!

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