Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Nina Nesbitt - Nina Nesbitt [EP]

It's finally America's turn to get their hands on some music by the amazing Nina Nesbitt. Nina is a star in her homeland of Scotland, and is finally showing her talent to all of us in the States. After touring with Ed Sheeran and releasing tons of material, Nina is on her way to the top. This EP consists of both Nina and her fan's favorite tracks from her previous releases. This project truly has everything to offer, from up-beat tracks to ballads that will give you the chills. Be sure to buy the EP on iTunes; you'll be able to say you were there from the beginning when Nina makes it big. Her voice is truly out of this world, and I can't wait to see what she has in store for the future.

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Machine Gun Kelly - Sail (Official Video)

First of all, happy 24th birthday to Machine Gun Kelly. It's crazy how at such a young age, he's able to make a huge impact on not only the rap genre, but on people's lives as well. Being the awesome person he is, on his own birthday, MGK decided to give his fans a gift. At first he dropped Sail without a video, but now we get the visuals to accompany the record, after the stream hit 300,000 plays. The song itself is gold, with a classic Machine Gun Kelly fast-paced flow and some amazing Mod Sun-directed visuals to go along with it. The beginning of the video is awesome, with a shot making it look like Kells just came off of the Chip Off The Block shoot. This song makes me wonder what he has in store for the next album. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

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Jez Dior - Old No. 7 (Feat. G-Eazy)

If you haven't listened to Jez Dior in a minute, you may have noticed his sound has changed just a bit. His previous work was an interesting blend of hip-hop, electro, and indie influences, but now he has decided to take his work in a whole new direction combining the grunge popularized by luminaries like Kurt Cobain and melding it with hip-hop, making a whole new genre he affectionately call's Grunge Rap. 

"Old No. 7" fits this new sound perfectly, as it starts off with a guitar solo, leading in to Jez's verse and then the hard-hitting chorus. To cap off this track Jezzy recruits G-Eazy to add his own fantastic verse to the track, with his flawless flow easing itself over the unconventional beat, produced by Danny Score. I actually really like this new track, and am intrigued by this completely new sound from Jez. Here's to Old No. 7, and being young. Enjoy the track below, and show Jez and G some love for a great collab.

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Skizzy Mars - Make Sense (Official Music Video)

Just in time for Earth Day, Skizzy Mars drops off some visuals for his song "Make Sense", one of the strongest cuts from his incredible project Pace. The hazy visual filmed throughout the streets of New York, features Skizzy recycling liquor, which may sound weird now, but I promise by the end it will all Make Sense. Be sure to check out the video, and go support Skizzy by copping both "Make Sense" and "All Say" on iTunes, it's really the least we can do, especially since Pace is a better project than 99% of the music you'll ever pay for.

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Komodo - Overnight

Komodo is a new artist I stumbled upon via word of mouth and social media. His flow is one of the illest I've heard in a minute, and only a senior in high school. It's pretty dope to hear an artist like this repping the 919 in North Carolina. His entire crew, DMG (Diamond Music Group), is killing it and constantly dropping new music. I highly recommend everyone in the crew to all of you. You can find all Komodo and his crews music on their SoundCloud page and connect with them via Facebook and Twitter.

Nate Schultz - Ice Blue (Video)


Nate Schultz is a talented artist from Atlanta that has been getting love from COM and our fans. His mixtape, The Sundown, is available for free and it truly is a steal. This is the newest song from the young emcee since the mixtape. This track has a dope hook and then Nate spits some of the freshest bars you will hear coming from a 19 year old emcee. If he keeps at it the sky is the limit for Nate.
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Jackson Breit - Coca Cola

Just two weeks after dropping the second half of his fantastic two-part EP "Good Times and Bad Times" COM favorite Jackson Breit is back with another feel-good summer jam. Baby Marmalade is definitely back with a vengeance, as Jackson takes it back to that hip-hop-esque sound that pairs so well with his flawless vocals, and impressive production. 

Jackson was inspired to write and record this song after seeing this Coke commercial, and does a great job with the concept. If this isn't a part of Coca Cola's marketing campaign in the near future I will be very disappointed, but seriously let's try to make it happen. Be sure to show Jackson some crazy love for always giving us amazing free music, and get ready for more music from Jackson as we get closer and closer to summertime, as the good vibe, summertime, music is where Jackson truly shines.

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Asher Roth - RetroHash [Album Stream]

RetroHash [Click to Download]

Just a few hours ago, at midnight, Asher Roth released his highly-anticipated new album "RetroHash", which is his first album release since 2009's "Asleep in the Bread Aisle". Asher has progressed so much as an artist since the "Asleep in the Bread Aisle" days, trading in the frat rap persona embodied by his hit "I Love College" for the now polished, lyrical, material we hear from Asher today. "RetroHash" is the fruition of Asher's years of grinding through which he not only discovered, but perfected the sound that is Asher Roth today, where he pulls from influences across all different genres from jazz, to rock, to classic hip-hop, and beyond, and mixes it with his blend of wordy lyricism, positivity, and content, creating the sound we have here, with an assist from his talented producer Blended Babies.

Asher can now tackle with ease everything from a feel-good track  like "Dude" to more introspective pieces like "Be Right" and "Fast Life", and this album illustrates the multiplicity of sounds he has cultivated, and places them side by side in a cohesive project with features ranging from well respected MC's like Curren$y, Vic Mensa, and Chuck Inglish to the twice featured vocal talents of Major Myjah. Asher even drew inspiration for the cover-art from artist John Van Hamersveld, whose known for his work on the movie poster for the classic Endless Summer, along with his graphic design on albums for everyone from The Beatle's to The Rolling Stones. This project is a must listen, and is one of my favorite releases from the year to date. Also, show Asher some support by copping the album on iTunes, and support Independent music.

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