Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis To Release New Song with Fences

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are teaming up with the indie/pop/alternative band, Fences, out of Seattle for a new song that has been in the works for a while now. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have teamed up with this group before, and worked with lead singer Christopher Mansfield, most notably on M&RL's Otherside Remix. Anyone that is a fan of the indie-pop scene will be an immediate fan of Fences and I highly recommend their first album, they will be releasing a new album in October. Check out Macklemore talking about his relationship with Fences and more in this interview. Feel free to download all of Macklemore x Ryan Lewis' past projects here.

I must say that I am happy that Macklemore x Ryan Lewis have yet to release any new music until now. If after blowing up the duo had just gone back to the studio and thought "we gotta make another 'Thrift Shop' we gotta keep it going." Thankfully, they did not. That is not me bagging on Thrift Shop, I still think it is a hella impressive and creative song, never intended to be a radio hit, the language he uses in the song is hardly ever played on the radio. Anyone that has been following Ben and Ryan's music knows that they will take their time to perfect it, and fans could wait 2, 3, 4 or ever 5 years until we hear a complete new album. This song is incredible. If you cannot wait to hear the CDQ version tomorrow morning then peep the live
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Kyle McCarty - SINcerely [Official Music Video]


One listen to this song and you know Kyle McCarty, out of North Carolina shoutout 336, has unreal talent and potential. Not only is this song deep, emotional and powerful but the video shot by HeadGraphix is perfectly in tune with the theme of this song. Shot in a graveyard it gives an erie feel the song deserves. If you enjoy this sound of music then I recommend you do two things, first, go to Kyle's SoundCloud to find more of his music.
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Witty - Kindest Regards [Official Music Video]


Witty has had a massive start of 2014 already. He has done a great job interacting with his fans via social media as well as releasing music and new content constantly. The final track off of his mixtape with the same name, Kindest Regards, released Thanksgiving 2013 is a fan favorite and it finally gets some well deserves visuals. This video shot by Squires Entertainment is off the charts. This video shows the emotions and passions you feel when listening to this track. There is no doubt that Witty has his foot in the door, just a matter of time until he kicks the door in and breaks the hinges off.
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Latest Releases:
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Alex Ruffin - Space Jam

It's been a while since we got any new material from CT's own Alex Ruffin. He just released the first single off his upcoming project titled 'Grown A$$ Kid', due for a September, 25th release date. This young 20 year old spits real bars and real lyricism complete with a beat that just screams classic hip-hop.

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Product - Daylight EP [Free]

Daylight submitted this project to us a little over 2 weeks ago, however, I like to be thorough when assessing new talent to COM. After giving this EP a good run through I can say that I truly am impressed 20 year old emcee from Atlanta. The dirty south has a ton of unheard talent in the surrounding area, Product is no doubt among these. This album has a range of emotions with thoughtful lyrics from Product. Here is what he said about his project:

"In the past couple years, I've gone through constant ups and downs watching close friends go through crazy and often tragic times. Thankfully, I've always had music as a medium to work through the rough patches. Hopefully, if and when you choose to listen to my newly released 5 song EP, the music will emanate these experiences I've been through." 

I would say Matt, Product, did a good job at this. All he asked for when I clicked on the email was 30 seconds on one track and then see if I could spare more of my time to listen. He was right, 30 seconds was all I needed. Well done. Take a listen below. The EP is free so it can't hurt you to listen to or download.
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Major Van Winkle - Push Pushin' EP

Last fall MVW came in at the 13 spot on our "21 Rappers Under 21". With only a few tracks and even fewer videos online, it was a bit of an underdog pick; but hey, we call 'em as we seem 'em. About nine months later it's safe to say Major Van Winkle has shown why he is one of the best young emcee's alive.

Fresh off the East Coast leg of Curren$y's tour, the Philly native releases his debut EP. Push Pushin' is an instant classic from an artist with insane potential. Major Van Winkle has a perfectly seasoned old school flow, you would never know this is a debut playlist.

Perhaps one of the more impressive features of Push Pushin' is the self-production by MVW. From top to bottom, the EP is true hip-hop art. Embodying the meaning of artist, all of the lyrics, flows and rhythm pair perfectly with the instrumentals.

Push Pushin' is one of the best debut projects I have ever heard from such a young artist. You can support the MVW movement and download the full EP today!

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Childish Gambino Calls out Drake, Kendrick and ScHoolboy Q in Freestyle

This video and its content is going to viewed in many different ways, but I simply see it as Gambino being confident, which there is nothing completely wrong with. However, he does blatantly call out Drake, Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q in the freestyle, and claims to be one of the "top five" rappers alive. Because it was a freestyle, it wouldn't surprise me if it was all in the heat of the moment, as Gambino has never seemed like a rapper who would want to start any beef. However, I'm curious to see how the hip-hop community responds to this.

QuESt - Automatic (Prod. by Megatron ICE & 6ix)

With the release of his new mixtape on the horizon, QuESt rolls out yet another single after blessing us with his last record May 10th, 2012. Just like his last track, QuESt tells yet another story over a 6ix assisted beat. With assistance from Megatron ICE, 6ix lays down a beat that would make any MC jealous. QuESt is shaping the way people see him and it's giving him quite the buzz over his upcoming mixtape Searching Sylvan.

I'm hoping we get his mixtape dropped before the end of the month and a possible tour to follow! Leave any comments you have below, we'd love to hear what you have to say.

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