Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Brothers From Another - Day Drink [Official Music Video]

It's been over a year since the last project from Brothers from Another. However with college educations under their belts, the brothers have hit the ground running this summer in impressive fashion. "The Adventures of Los Hermanos" debuted with the amazing single "Day Drink". After dropping another great track, you can add some brand new visuals to the adventure.

"Day Drink" is almost a polished rendition of BFA's classic "Drunk Talk" music video. The hermanos manage to capture and deliver the chill, laid back vibe that has you itching to break out a six pack and catch some rays. With some great new improvements in camera work and scenery, it's awesome to see the strides BFA are taking to become front page up-and-comers, not just in the Pacific Northwest, but the whole nation.

If big names like Macklemore showed us one thing it's that the vibes and sounds coming out of the upper left are musical genius. BFA is one of my favorite groups right now because of how they are able to harness the great sounds of Seattle while still putting in their own original flavor. For more, check out some BFA hits below and stream all of Tacos on Broadway for free today!

Blame It On My Youth
Mad Park Beach Bums [Video]
Pike and Broadway [Video]
Drunk Talk [Video]
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Jon Bellion - Luxury ft. Audra Mae

Earlier today an amazing thing happened; recording artist, singer, producer, and songwriter Jon Bellion premiered his newest track Luxury over at Time. Talking with time, he told them that this is in response to his earlier single Munny Right. Luxury is the 3rd single off of his upcoming project The Definition.

From an artist that has done work with arguably the biggest hip-hop artist right now, Eminem, and a few of the most popular singers; being Cody Simpson, Rihanna, and Jason Derulo, it must be a difficult task to keep his feet on the ground. I mean, Eminem and Rihanna just went on a tour that was titled after the song whose chorus he co-wrote. I think the artwork shown above really plays to that tune, as if to say that Jon finally has the light to see the monsters that are hiding in the shadows; I guess when you start getting successful in the industry, you start seeing how scary things can be.

Jon's well-tuned vocals and laid back raps are accompanied by Audra Mae's elegant voice right up until the outro. Luxury was written and produced by Jon Bellion; it always amazes me that this Visionary can stitch together something so beautiful, without taking a style from anyone else; creating a whole new style.

Luxury is truly a work of art, along with the rest of Jon Bellion's work. He this is off of his upcoming free album The Definition which is slated to drop on September 23. Check below for your chance to attend the Beautiful Mind Tour.


Jon Bellion - Simple and Sweet
Jon Bellion - Munny Right

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Jhene Aiko - The Pressure [Official Music Video]

Less than a year after her prelude EP Sail Out, Jhene is set to release her debut full length album Souled Out. Jhene has a consistent style and feel to her tracks that is highlighted by her smooth melodies and exceptional lyricism. Becoming somewhat of a "princess of hip-hop" over the past 12 months, features from the West Coast native have become of high value. Jhene has also created brilliant  past tracks with hip-hop's current greats such as Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Ab-Soul and Common.

The first new visuals off of the album were directed here by none other than Childish Gambino. The great cinematic video tells a story of difficult relationships, a theme we see a lot in Jhene Aiko's work. Even though Jhene likes to often create art on the subject of relationships, it's great videos like this that keep each release fresh and intriguing. The use of flowing camera techniques and not-so subtle computer generated visuals add an unexpected and thought provoking flavor.

Souled Out is set to drop September 9th, pre-order the debut album on iTunes today and receive an exclusive download of "The Pressure"!

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Low Res - Hold You Down (Ft. Felly)

Every once in a while, you come across that record, that record where right from the second you click play you're hooked. That record for me is this one, "Hold You Down", a collaboration between London based experimental hip-hop producer Low Res and COM favorite Felly. 

In an increasingly saturated hip-hop world where it seems every artist is biting someone else's style, or trying to fit into the mainstream mold, it's so refreshing to hear something unique and just a little outside the box. This starts with Low Res' captivating production, as he builds a sun soaked, easygoing canvas for Felly to paint with his reflective love laced bars. 

Starting with some pretty keys, a few snare hits, the prominent vocal sample, and finally the bongo drum loop that you would expect more in a Caribbean-esque sound than a smooth hip-hop track, Res brings it all together perfectly. Creating a soulful, summery vibe that almost makes me forget that all those sun splashed days surrounded by the beach and friends are gone, and school is starting. 

So yeah, you could say I enjoyed just vibing out to those sounds for the three and a half minutes of the track. Not to be outdone, the young Connecticut prodigy, Felly, comes with some of his own best work, showcasing a polished and thoughtful flow that glides over the production, and even doing a little singing. 

Felly's verse about a girl he's chasing after is compelling and relatable, and Felly just keeps improving and expanding his sound every time I listen. The USC student and his 2273 team have a big future ahead. Show Low Res and Felly some love, listen, download, and check out the rest of Low Res' new project Wax Treehouse featuring this song, it's well worth it. Stay tuned for more from both of these very talented artists. 

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Monday, September 1, 2014

COM Interviews with Chris Webby & Jitta On The Track

At the beginning of the summer, I had the chance to catch up with Homegrown Music artists Chris Webby and Jitta On The Track after they performed at the newly renovated Tuxedo Junction in Danbury, CT. Webby and Jitta have both been killing it, and it's been awesome to see both of them make a huge mark on the hip-hop scene. I can't wait to watch both of these guys turn into stars. Check out the interviews to find out Webby's dream collaborations, Jitta's favorite rapper as a child and so much more.

Cal Scruby - Fux With Me [Official Music Video]

It appears the fans are not the only one's excited over the new music, videos and news Cal Scruby has been released. Cal himself continues to drop material ahead of schedule. Cal has already released a new song and three new music videos (Justin Bieber Rapper Shit, All For Ohio and Gold Coins) since signing with Riveting Entertainment. Cal and his camp also plan to release his first song on iTunes in the coming weeks. The visuals from Riveting have been constant, clean cut and refreshing. Cal Scruby can only continue to go up from here.
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Bazanji - The Paradox Intro [COM Premiere]

As a fan of music I try to stay keen on the new local acts coming out of the Raleigh area and all of North Carolina. Times have been hectic with classes but I did find time to hear Bazanji's new project, an artist out of Chapel Hill, NC. The Paradox will be released on September 8th, a week from today. This UNC-Chapel Hill student will surprise you. This is only the start for him and as he continues to grow as an artist and person his music will only continue to grow as well. A young artist I would absolutely keep my eyes on if I was you.
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Jack Kennedy - I Call My Shots

This up-and-comer hit a homer with this track. Jack Kennedy hails from the University of Michigan with a unique sound and hard-hitting lyrics. In his latest single I Call My Shots he shares with his fans the fact that he is in charge of his life and isn't going to let anything stop him as well as some of the struggles of being a white rapper trying to make it in today's rap game. Along with smooth lyrics, the instrumental Jack Kennedy raps over really supports the overall feeling of the song. I think Jack has a lot of talent and can't wait for more from this MC.

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