Monday, September 29, 2014

Dylan Owen - Everything Gets Old

It has been quite some time since we've gotten new material from Dylan Owen, but not to worry; he is back. Last night, Dylan announced the release of Everything Gets Old which will be a part of his upcoming album There's More To Life. On this record, Dylan raps some insanely deep lyrics over an incredible instrumental courtesy of Skinny Atlas. The amount of symbolism and meaning behind Dylan's lyrics always blows my mind. We all need a reminder once in a while that we aren't infinite and to live this life to its fullest. Instead of labeling him a "rapper", I see him more as a songwriter. There's something about his words that make him stand out from the rest and I may be stretching it a bit here, but I hear a young Bob Dylan in his verses. Dylan Owen is an artist you need to check out if you aren't familiar with him already, and this song is the perfect place to start.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Anonymuz - The Ride [Official Music Video]

Florida emcee Anonymuz is definitely an up-and-comer to keep on your radar. With such an awesome and unique sound, Anonymuz's fast approaching album should be widely anticipated. There's not a better time to join the ride than now. 

A seemingly 3005 inspired video, Anonymuz uses the great visual platform so well in "The Ride". The speed of the video matches the vibe of the song along with the wide variety of lightening and focus changes to really make the visuals pop.

The amazing flow over the rock and roll flavored beat takes Anonymuz's lyricism to the next level. The simple, smooth and catchy hook is also done to perfection. Too many young artists butcher great verses by trying to overdo a chorus, take notes from "The Ride"! 

For more Anonymuz check out his most recent G-Eazy remix and be on the lookout for his new album!

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Brandyn Burnette - Thanks For Nothing [Acoustic Version]

For his weekly release, Brandyn Burnette decided to give us an acoustic version of his single Thanks For Nothing. First of all, if you haven't heard the original song, check it out now; or you can wait a few weeks and hear it all over the radio - its your choice. As for the acoustic version, Brandyn did an amazing job of capturing the up beat and intense vibe of the original record using only a guitar and his spectacular voice. Brandyn is full of talent and I can't wait to see this dude blow up. Be sure to check out this flawless acoustic cover and check back sometime soon for Brandyn's debut EP!

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Alex Ruffin - Grown A$$ Kid

At long last Alex Ruffin released his debut mixtape, Grown A$$ Kid, in memory of his mother who's birthday would have been today. Alex has done something that not many rappers aren't willing to do, he dropped out of college and quit his job to pursue his career in music. While it may be ballsy to do such a thing in todays economy and the music industry being one of the hardest industry's to be successful in, especially as an artist, but Alex has the talent that will bring him to the top. Lately hip-hop has been bogged down with terrible lyrics and production that has a lot of bass but the grown ass kid has been able to bring back the art of lyricism. One could put Alex in the category of the type of hip-hop that Progressive Era makes. I'm a big fan of the album art too, it really captures who Alex is in one picture. Take the time to listen to 

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KYLE - Don't Wanna Fall In Love

Ventura's finest and proud Superduper crewman, KYLE, drops off his first new single in a minute! Picking up where he left off from Beautiful Loser Kyle exhibits his vintage and polished style while showing his amazing growth as an artist over the past 12 months.

The old-school, 80's pop feeling beat is a vibe that few artists could bring to life as well as Kyle does. His creativity in mixing verses and chords is a great example of how Kyle has improved as an artist since his debut album. Mixing great sung melodies with creatively lyrical verses is something that really made Beautiful Loser stand out. The past 10 months of Kyle features have included both types of vocals and it's amazing to see the SuperDuper artist flex his range on "Don't Fall in Love". Throw in an AMAZINGLY worked chorus with an instrumental breakdown, this song should make SuperDuper fans beyond hyped for Kyle's next move! It will be truly exciting to see what Kyle will come out with leading up to his next project.

For more KYLE, check out his most recent "Love 4 You" music video and his amazing acting skills as "Shatheed" in a SuperDuper Short Film! You can catch him on the road this fall with Watsky, check out the link below for dates!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jitta On The Track - Bipolar [Official Video]

I've been looking forward to Jitta's new material for a while, and its pretty clear why. I really think every track that the Connecticut emcee has been releasing lately is absolute fire and this is no exception. The passion and anger inside of this record is explosive and you can really tell he put his all into this single. I love the honesty that this song is filled with, and the Hunter Lyon-directed video captures the rawness perfectly. I can't wait to hear the entire mixtape which is set to drop on October 21st; I truly believe its going to make him into a star.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hoodie Allen - Act My Age [Official Video]

Hoodie Allen's newest release is one of his best and most relatable songs yet. In this record, Hoodie brings back his smooth flows to remind us that we never have to "act our age". In my opinion, people get too caught up in being mature these days, and I totally agree with Hoodie that acting how we're supposed to is very over rated. The video is a perfect visual for the song, which follows Hoodie around a pretty wild party and wraps up with an awesome shot of some grandparents playing beer pong and having a good time by the pool. All in all, this is a classic Hoodie track and something that everyone can jam out to. Be sure to check out Hoodie's latest releases Movie and Dumb For You and catch him on the People Keep Talking Tour this fall!

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Jon Bellion - The Definition (Free Album)

Jon Bellion has forged hits for countless artists; Cody Simpson, Eminem, and Jason Derulo just to name a few. Now, however, Jon is making a big name for himself with his newest album The Definition. For those of you that have listened to his older projects like Translations Through Speakers and The Separation, just know that even Jon Bellion himself said that this is his best work yet. Jon Bellion also talked about how his biggest inspirations for The Definition were Detroit's late yet great producer J Dilla and also Pixar movies.

If you are a faithful fan of Jon Bellion's music thus far, it goes without saying that he wrote and produced the entire project, as he has done with every past project. Throughout The Definition Jon hits us with the catchiest melodies, complex layered choruses, and amazing lyricism. Jon isn't alone though, he has features from Blaque Keyz, Audra Mae, and Christianne Jensen, all of whom add tasteful additions to Jon Bellion's unique style.

The album is for download below, and streamable via Soundcloud above.

If you are enjoying the album, don't miss him when he stops by your town on tour for the Beautiful Mind Tour!


Jon Bellion - Simple and Sweet
Jon Bellion - Munny Right

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