Friday, May 29, 2015

Press Play on Portland: The Faces of Rose City Music

Portland has long been known as one of the most idiosyncratic and creative cities in the world, home to a community of people who believe in doing things just a little differently. This pioneering spirit is reflected in the Rose City's burgeoning music scene, which is fittingly diverse and experimental.

Amidst the towering pine trees and flannel bearing residents you'll find a vibrant collective of artists, bringing sounds as far-ranging as sultry bedroom-pop and alternative styled hip-hop together under the cities cloudy skies. With so many bright young talents blooming from Portland's roots, now is a fantastic time to start getting acquainted with what's bubbling in the PNW.

So, before the rain starts to pour down again, let's introduce you to eight of the Rip City's finest musicians!

NOTE: Hit the jump for a brief bio of each of the eight artists, as well as a standout record. At the bottom of the post is a vibey playlist full of even more great cuts.

Disclaimer: With so many great artists coming out it's impossible to give each and every artist there shine, so these our only my favorite selections. Please let me know who I might have missed, and if I missed you, know it's nothing personal.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pryde - Day One [Official Music Video]

Same music, different name. About two weeks ago Pryde, the 21-year-old Filipino from Canada formerly known as D-Pryde, decided to make a change and rid the 'D' from his name. With the release of this new song titled 'Day One' also came a surprise announcement of a new EP titled 'Richvale Summer' which is set to drop on June 3. Roll the windows down and play it loud, this is a song that you can add to your summer playlist. The track features a melody more bouncy than Pryde's hair and a simple and catchy hook that I couldn't help but sing along too. The release of the Richvale Summer EP will be almost exactly two months after the release of his previous project, a mixtape titled 'Plan A' that dropped the beginning of March. According to Pryde via Twitter, the EP will contain "all fun records" like Day One, a project influenced by words from his mother, who passed away almost two months ago, who told him to prioritize happiness. Prayers out to Pryde, I'm excited to hear his new EP after this song.

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Mick Jenkins - P's & Q's [Official Music Video]

Mick Jenkins teams up with Kaytranada in his new song a video "P's & Q's".

Mick's upcoming Wave[s] EP should be one of the best under the radar releases among all the heavyweight 2015 projects  yet to come. "P's & Q's" takes a smooth Kaytranada beat and fills in with a high level of lyrical intensity. The intriguing visuals for the track blur the lines between celebration and destruction as Mick delivers his message. 

Listen to "Alchemy" off Mick Jenkins upcoming Wave[s] EP here

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Leif Womack - She Say (Impossible Is Nothing) [prod. Demitrean]

Georgia emcee Leif Womack is back once more. It is always a good day when Leif Womack releases a track. Leif has released some notable tracks already. This time Leif goes back to talk about his time in high school with a female. This person seems to be someone that Leif admires and respects and someone he had feelings for. Leif can not only rap over any style of beat but he can talk about a number of topics.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Joey Aich - Smooth Hardcore

Cleveland, OH native Joey Aich is quietly making a name for himself in Ohio's underground hip-hop game.  Aich dropped his debut mixtape, College D.egree, last year and has released a number of singles via SoundCloud and YouTube since then.  A flow very similar in style to a Lupe Fiasco or Mike G from Odd Future, Aich creates comfortable yet thought provoking songs while also incorporating the blue-collared hometown feel in his lyrics.

Smooth Hardcore is Aich's best overall production with effortless vocals and an easy beat, complimented by an early 2000's esque video style  Great videos to also check out are 40 oz and Coffee, which are other singles from College D.egree.  With projects and shows on the way, Joey Aich is someone you definitely want to pay close attention to this summer.

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Mike Posner - The Voice Of The Unheard

One of Michigan's finest artists blesses us with this thought provoking track. Mike Posner was on top of the music world at one time, he isn't anymore, but that doesn't mean he can't make quality tracks. Actually now it means that Mike can let everything off of his chest and say what needs to be said, not what others want him to say. That's what the industry needs and that is exactly what Posner provides. Posner pushes for peace in this track that was released with the current events in Baltimore, as well as the past events that have rocked the United States recently.

Tony C - Vertigo x Heaven in Hell

Joining some of the young talent emerging from the west coast alongside the likes of 19-year-old Felly and 17-old-old Matt Burton among others, is Tony C. Residing in northern California, the 21-year-old rapper and producer takes that west coast, laid back feel and translates it into incredibly wavy tracks. Tony C combines his skills of rapping, singing and natural ability to flow and infuses it onto smooth instrumentals, creating an even smoother final product. Below are two songs you can check out for yourself. On ‘Vertigo’ he received a little bit of a cosign from Felly — Tony C has actually placed vocals on top of a number of Felly-produced instrumentals. ‘Heaven in Hell’ was also produced by the aforementioned Matt Burton. Definitely look forward to see what Tony C has in store for the future.

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Brandyn Burnette - Stand Down (feat. LaRisha)

In light of the recent events occurring across our nation, singer/songwriter Brandyn Burnette decided to take a stand and voice his opinions. With countless tragedies being brought to the public eye in the past few months due to their association with the police, Stand Down is a perfect representation of how we should all feel as humans in regards to those deaths. With his sister LaRaisha joining him on this track, Burnette advises us all to "fight for our rights" during times like this. The approach taken on this record isn't aggressive, (which most would probably assume before listening) but rather relaxed, yet still extremely powerful. Brandyn is in the finishing stages of his self-produced debut EP which is set to release in the summer of 2015.
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