Thursday, March 5, 2015

Kurt Rockmore - Change Lanes [Official Music Video]

Kurt Rockmore releases a new set of visuals for his new b-side track "Change Lanes".

The black and white vibed out visuals pair with the fantasy focused lyrics. "Change Lanes" keeps a consistent flow throughout reflecting the change of pace song from a usual party hit we're used to see from Kurt. Be sure to stay tuned for Kurt's upcoming Light Up The Night album due out March 24th!

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The Flan - Ready For War (prod. MSB) & PSA (prod. Lucidox)

I stumbled upon The Flan today due to the release of his debut mixtape 905. The Flan is a rising artist from Brampton, Ontario. It's somewhat depressing that today is the first time I've heard to The Flan, but better late than never. I have no idea where Brampton is in Ontario but The Flan has the ability to put his city on the map at just 20 years old. His diversity is evident in these two tracks as well as his entire mixtape.
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Raz Simone - Same Problems (ft. Gifted Gab & Fatal Lucciauno)

Passion. You can hear it in Raz's voice and his lyrics. Raz is pushing for change in hip-hop. Hip-hop has been taken over by the white race, no one can deny it. I'm as big of a fan of Macklemore as there is out there but we know that Kendrick should have won best rap album Grammy.

Raz isn't just name calling, he's using this local Seattle emcees as an example for not just his city to see how they praise the likes of Sam Lachow, Grynch, Macklemore and others but remain overlooking the likes of Raz, among others. Seattle is brewing with talent, as I had said a number of times. Raz is equally as talented as the other artists within Seattle, race should not be a factor, but unfortunately it will take a while for this to change.

Bravo Raz, bravo. Thank you for not being afraid to speak on this topic, someone has to.

I highly encourage you to check out some of Raz's other recent release videos and songs on his YouTube. I've just gotten back in the blogshpere so I will be posting them in due time, but if you can't wait go peep them now. Be on the lookout for Raz's upcoming project due any day now title Macklemore Privilege & Chief Keef Violence.
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Leif Womack - Waste My Time (prod. Zach Aum)

Leif Womack and Zach Aum released an impressive four-track EP in February, if you haven't grabbed it already then I highly recommend you download it for free. Leif is someone who took some time for me to finally dive into, but once I did it was hard to turn back. Leif has an incredible lyrical and rhythm ability to his music. Zach Aum is the perfect match for Leif's music to be complete. If you're a fan of lyrical content then this is the track for you. Leif continues to amaze me with his lyrical capability while still in his teenage years. This won't be a waste of your time, so be sure to peep it.

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Jackson Breit - Looking Better (prod. Epistra)

I know I've seen enough snow to last a lifetime after this winter, I'm patently awaiting spring and summer. Thanks to Jackson Breit for 3 minutes and 16 seconds it can be summer, if only in our ears. Jackson always brings the vibes that are perfect for a warm summer night on the lake. This might be one of my favorite tracks from Jackson to date. If you're snowed it tonight then this is the track to give a listen to tonight.

Chance The Rapper x Nosaj Thing - Cold Stares (ft. The O'My's)

Chance The Rapper has a gift and we are so lucky that he shares that gift with our ears. Chance is fearless when it comes to expressing and experimenting with his music. Nosaji Thing and Chance make an amazing tag team with the help of The O'My's to really create an oh my factor on this track. Unbelievably chill and relaxing, Chance continues to impress me with every track. He never makes a carbon copy of a track, and for that I respect his talents immensely.

Big Sean - Blessings (ft. Kanye West & Drake) [Official Music Video]

Big Sean dropped one heck of an album just a short while ago, we put an review of the Detroit emcee's album on the site upon its release. Dark Sky Paradise is already a heavy contender for one of the best rap albums of 2015, however there is still a while left in the year. In January Big Sean released this track to the masses, upon the release there was much anticipation for the album. Now, the single gets its own visuals; a simple video is all that's needed, the main message is the content of the message Big Sean, Drake and Kanye are telling the listeners.

Kid Cudi - love.

Kid Cudi returns to our headphones with his new song "love.," a track that did not make the cut for Satellite Flight: The Journey to the Mother Moon. Cudder displays not only a talented self-produced track over Ratatat instrumental, but exquisite lyrics as well. This track is full of uplifting, self-motivating lyrics. I have found myself having to keep it on repeat one. Any Cudi fan will be happy with this, but even if Cudi isn't your thing, you'll enjoy this one.