Saturday, January 31, 2015

Haze Da Punter - A1

With artists like Chris Webby, OnCue, and Jitta on The Track all hailing from Connecticut, its not much of a stretch to see more talent pouring out of the area. Haze Da Punter is the newest installment of CT heat with his newest single A1. This record talks about having a chick with you that you can trust, your ride-or-die. I really enjoy the fluidity of his verses; Haze has the flow of a seasoned rapper with the production of a professional. Can't wait to hear what else he has coming with his album.

This single is off of his album titled Rolling Stone slated to drop on February 3rd.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Big Sean - Blessings feat. Drake & Kanye West

The Big Sean hype train continues to gain steam with the first release off his upcoming Dark Sky Paradise album.

Just days after announcing both the name and release date for his 3rd studio album, Big Sean gives us all a taste of his work with "Blessings". A smooth verse and chorus from Drake over an ominous beat accompanies verses from GOOD duo Sean and Ye.

Be sure to check out the Dark Sky Paradise trailer and Big Sean's latest feature with Meek Mill and A$AP Ferg. 

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meek Mill - B Boy feat. Big Sean & A$AP Ferg

Meek Mill starts the weekend off right by releasing his long awaited collaboration with Big Sean and A$AP Ferg. 

With mansion parties and heavy bass "B Boy" is some classic Meek Mill banging. The MMG artist is expected to release his post-jail album this year although no release date has been announced. One of the biggest highlights on the track has to be the killer verse from Big Sean. Perhaps one of the most highly coveted feature-ers in the game right now, Sean's stock continues to rise as we approach the February 24th release of Dark Sky Paradise

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Montgomery – Piñata

I wanted to shed some light onto the upcoming Gold Coast act Montgomery, whose EP New Clear War (get it?) dropped last October.

When I first discovered “Piñata,” the debut single off the EP, I played it on a loop for days.  Montgomery’s voice is foggy, and slips like liquid over the track’s hollow, snappy beat and heavy, thudding bass.  But her delicate vocals are shaped into edgy and melancholic lyrics, which ruminate on past failed relationships that left her feeling like a disposed, crumpled party toy.  The song was co-produced by Montgomery herself alongside fellow Australian artist Tom Iansek of Big Scary.  Together they have created something that balances perfectly light and dark, airy and heavy, positive and negative space. 

Listen to the track below and check out the Japanese Wallpaper rework plus a free download.

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Kanye West - Only One [Official Music Video]

Yeezy season is fast approaching but to a different tune than fans might expect. Kanye took to Ellen to debut his new video for his recent single "Only One". Ellen slipped up last week by calling Yeezy's upcoming album by the track name but Kanye confirmed in his talk with Ellen that the forthcoming album has yet to be named. 

"Only One" is a spectacular piece of work from Kanye written from the perspective of his mother. Along with baby North, the music video finds elegance in simplicity. Be sure to check out the FULL VIDEO on!

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Brockhampton - Bet I

Perhaps nothing better encapsulates the internet age than it's newest, and arguably most innovative collective, Brockhampton. With roots spread all throughout the country, Brockhampton's web of creatives were joined together by the vast expanse of the internet, and now all reside under the canopy of this greater ideal. Housing 18 of the brightest young luminaries in music, including producers, managers, artists, and designers, the collective is joined together by it's artistic zeal and the cryptic mantra "Dreams Die Young". 

A boundary pushing outfit, the latest release is experimental, extensive, and brilliant. Bet I is menacing from the start, with a string of bombastic bass, clinking drums, and woozy synths setting the tone, before Kevin Abstract launches into a turbulent first verse. Abstract's exaggerated delivery only adds to the tension of the track, and as the chorus crescendoes in you're finally hit with the full weight of the cut "We be getting high acting like we ain't got problems"

Continuing with the manic energy of the record Ameer Vann's second verse is threateningly intense, taking you further into the stratosphere of Brockhampton's self-created realm. But, right before you careen off into an adrenaline induced tailspin, your brought back by a sweet, shimmering breakdown. Lead by the vocals of Matt Champion, stuck somewhere in between rapping and singing, only to end with the silvery crooning of JOBA, the brief breakdown is a serene withdrawal from the rest of the record. 

"She's a bad, bad, girl"

This record is as expansive sonically as it is varied, and fittingly concludes with a scorching verse from Merlyn Wood, who finally puts into words the overarching sentiment of the track "And I still don't give a fuck". Budding production wunderkind Romil is responsible for the soundscape, and hk gamely handles the coverart, affirming the immense quality of the crew from top to bottom. I have a sneaking suspicion these guys are going to be around for a long time to come. So take in all you can of this auditory mindfuck, and show Brockhampton some serious love. This ones for the youth.

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Low Res - All They Came To See (Remix) [Feat. Pell]

It's time to take you on a little journey across the pond, to collide with some brand new vibes from Londoner Low Res. If you think back to the final notes of summer 2014, you may remember Res from his sun-soaked and soulful Hold You DownWell now the prodigal producer returns with a brand new record in tow, featuring a guest appearance from Pell, the buzzing young rapper/crooner from the Bayou.

Low Res laces the soundscape with some groovy guitar licks, an airy vocal sample, and a snappy little drum loop, that all coalesce into a head-bobbing lo-fi masterpiece. The production is nothing short of a showstopper, and proves chock full of enough good vibrations to last you until this weekend.

Engaging with the bright sound of the track, Pell shifts between optimism and grim reality, as he alternately details his apprehension as a young black male "Bad enough my hair napped / Profiled more than gangsters" and his lofty goals for the future "Not afraid of bad credit I'm indebted to my methods / So my mama need that casa and my lady need that Lexus". 

Pell's smooth cadence makes his complex internal rhymes seem effortless, and as he croons the last few lines you can't help but feel a little wistful that this phenomenal track is over. Both of these enormously talented artists are primed for a big 2015, so stay tuned. 

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Notorious B.I.G. x FKA Twigs – Video Girl Dreams

Including a sample of Notorious B.I.G. on a mash-up track always seemed to me like an unfair advantage.  For his upcoming project Terry Urban is composing a whole mixtape doing just that.  Appropriately titled FKA Biggie, “Video Girl Dreams” is our first, 72-second taste of the project, mashing together the songs of British singer-songwriter-goddess FKA Twigs and all the best hits of Biggie Smalls.

On this first track, Urban lays down a few bars of Biggie rapping his 1993 banger “Just Playin’ (Dreams)” over FKA Twigs’ “Video Girl” from her most recent release, LP1.  From the start
Twigs’ original recording is recognizable even under Biggie’s verse, which aggressively punctuates the wobbly/bassy soundscape while Twigs’ falsetto vocals hover over the whole production.

Listen to the new track and grab a free download below:

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