Thursday, August 21, 2014

Songs About The Ferguson Tragedies - RIP Michael Brown

The rap community has been very vocal with their feelings about the tragedy that recently took place in Ferguson, Missouri. Artists have showed support by visiting the distraught town, creating awareness via social media, and even by making songs about the incidents. Below are three of the most notable releases from T.I., J Cole and B.o.B. Let us not forget that, despite all the media attention this tragedy is getting, there was a young man killed, and that is all that truly matters. RIP Michael Brown.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

OnCue - So Much Love (Prod. by Hudson Mohawke & Just Blaze)

So many good vibes from OnCue on this new release So Much Love. We here at COM have been anxiously waiting for his highly anticipated project Angry Young Man since he dropped his precocious mixtape Leftovers 2 just last year. HudMo and Just Blaze kill the production on So Much Love, which is just a taste of what is to come on Angry Young Man; I say this because Just Blaze is also producing the whole project. Kids chanting and an organ playing is the best way to the heart, and they know it. OnCue, along with his personal and uplifting lyrics, even managed to drop an MF Doom reference; the Boondocks fan in me applauds him for that. This is a fantastic song, especially with the way it wets your mouth for the album to drop.

Angry Young Man will be out September 3rd, so stay don't miss it!


OnCue - This View From Here

OnCue - Alotta Smoke

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Mansions on the Moon - Somewhere Else Tonight

The most underrated indie-electro band out there may have just made the next club/party banger! We've been following Mansions on the Moon for quite a few years now and with each release, they just get better and better. It's funny how some of the best music is the most underrated, I always like to point out they produced Mac Miller's 'PA Nights' off his debut album 'Blue Slide Park', which happens to be one of my favorite tracks off the album. 

MOTM has been dormant for almost a year but for a good reason. One of their members, Beni Haze, has been busy producing for COM 2014 Freshman KYLE and others. This synth induced track will make you want to get drunk and just dance. This is the second release off their upcoming album due out in October, their first single can be found HERE

They also have teamed up with Pledge Music, asking for your help to support the album. Similar to Kickstarter, if you put down a certain amount, you will be rewarded with cool prizes from the band. I personally purchased the 'Basic Bundle #1' to help support them. You gotta show love to the indie band on the grind.

Jared Evan - Hot Sauce

COM favorite Jared Evan dropped off a new song yesterday afternoon. If you haven't listened to Jared Evan's music before then do so now by listening to this smooth flowing song. He has incredible vocals as well as some dope verses in his tracks, including this one. Jared Evan is releasing a new project this fall, Boom Bap & Blues Part 2. Stay on the look out for that and we will keep you informed on his future releases and more news.
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Brandyn Burnette - If You Were A Song

COM favorite Brandyn Burnette is back with another acoustic masterpiece that really shows off his vocal talents. The up and comer has been busy writing for other artists like label-mate Jake Miller others. I was able to catch up with him to get a timeline of what's next for him. This is the last song off his upcoming mixtape before he releases an EP and his debut album. Stay tuned for more from this amazing talent.

Connect with Brandyn Burnette: Facebook // @BrandynBurnette Interview with Tiffany Houghton

One of my favorite parts about this job is coming across stars. I don't mean "stars" as in artists who have the potential to gain a million views on a video and sell out clubs across the country, I mean "stars" as in artists who will become a household name and sell out arenas across the world. The second I heard Tiffany Houghton's music, I immediately got the feeling that she was going to be a star. There's something about her music that makes me believe in her rise to success more than any other artist in the industry. She isn't an artist you'd typically come across on COM, and all you hip-hop heads may not be interested in her music, but I guarantee you will be seeing her name everywhere within the next couple years. I recently got the chance to catch up with Tiffany while she was on The American Dream Tour with MKTO and ask her some questions about touring, her plans for the future and a lot more. Check out the interview above and be sure to listen to her new single The Best (it's going to be all over the radio in a couple months).

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Alex Ruffin - Numbuh 274

We've been posting Alex for a while and here is the second single  He just released the intro and second single off his upcoming project titled 'Grown A$$ Kid', due for a September, 25th release date. The lyricism from Alex and production by Shepard, the track gives you a nostalgic feeling. From rhyming about things Alex did as a kid to the classic 90's like beat, it'll make you want to re-visit your childhood.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Chris Webby - F*ck Off

Chris Webby has been working hard on his debut album Chemically Imbalanced for a long time, and today we finally get a taste of what we can expect the album to sound like. The first single off of the album, F*ck Off, is nothing short of greatness and makes me even more excited for the album. I've been listening to Chris' music for so many years, and I can honestly say I've never been more excited for one of his albums. The production on this single is on point, and the lyrics are fantastic as always. Get ready for Chemically Imbalanced, it's going to be special.

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