Sunday, November 23, 2014

Brandyn - Not Going Home

Brandyn Burnette has become a regular on COM and though some may love him for his slow acoustic songs, the singer-songwriter proves that he can make one hell of a party record too. On Not Going Home, Brandyn explains that no matter how things are going, he's "not going home". Though the track will be interpreted as a song about parties, in reality it could be about so much. Whether you're at a party, or feeling out of place in life, never "go home" and a good time is sure to come out of it. You're definitely going to want to check out this record, its a smash.

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[New Feature] College Of Music Weekly EDM Roundup

I'm very happy to present to you the first installment of a brand new feature here at College Of Music, our Weekly EDM Roundup. The basic idea is every week on a Sunday, we'll put together a little playlist of some of the biggest and brightest Electronic Music from the past seven days (I cheated slightly on this first one). True to the roots of COM, you'll see it has a little bit of hip-hop flare to it, and I hope you guys dig it! 

We've heard your guys shouts for more regular coverage of EDM, House, and all different genres of electronically created music, and because we love you all, we are going to do just that! If you want to see more of this, or more things like this on COM, please repost and like the playlist on SoundCloud and follow us on SoundCloud and Twitter. 

Have a great Thanksgiving week!

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Jon Bellion - The Making Of Run Wild (Behind The Scenes)

After finishing up his popular Beautiful Mind Tour, which spanned across the country, Jon gives us the  behind the scenes footage to pair with his song Run Wild. It's interesting to hear him talk about his songs and uncover the personal nature behind this Visionary's lyrics. The song Run Wild is from his latest free album The Definition available for free download below! As his behind the scenes usually are, The Making Of Run Wild was directed by the one and only Dexter Findley. Keep checking in with us and we'll keep you up to date on any Jon Bellion news.

Friday, November 21, 2014

G-Eazy - Achievement (Prod. Cristoph Andersson) + Get Away (Remix) [Feat. Kehlani]

After a little post These Things Happen hiatus, Young Gerald is back with some brand new original music. Even though he's been constantly touring on his nationwide From The Bay To The Universe Tour, G has consistently found time to keep feeding the fans new material, and that continues early this Friday with two brand new tracks. 

The first is aptly titled Achievement, as G ruminates on some of his accomplishments over the Cristoph Andersson produced instrumental, and the second is Get Away, where Gerald is joined by fellow Bay Area native and HBK Gang affiliate Kehlani, to remix her new track Get Away. Cristoph again helps with the production on this track, co-producing it alongside Jahaan Sweet

It's a refreshing new take on the already excellent track, and should introduce G-Eazy's ever-growing fan-base to Kehlani's talents, whom along with Jay Ant and Kool John will be opening for G on the just announced second leg of the From The Bay To The Universe Tour. 

Make sure to listen to these two stellar new releases, show G-Eazy, Cristoph, and Kehlani some love, and grab some tickets to see G in your city. TICKETS HERE 

Check below for full dates.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sam Lachow - 80 Bars EP

Just two days after the release of the long anticipated "80 Bars Part 3", Sam Lachow returns with some more 80 Bars goodness, this time the 80 Bars EP. The EP is five tracks long, with re-mastered versions of the first three installments in the fan favorite series, and then two brand new records, Parts 4 & 5. 

This is obviously a must download, and Sam's at the top of his game with creativity, switches in cadence, and wordplay on each one of the successive tracks. By now you know the drill, Sam's introspective, occasionally goofy verses over a sequence of classic instrumentals, that always result in greatness.

Young Huckleberry seems to never break from his grind, and the quality of everything he's released in 2014 has been outstanding. Can only imagine what's coming in 2015. Special shouts to Black Umbrella, and everyone involved in this extremely enjoyable free project.  Download, listen, show Sammy Lachowder some love, and stay tuned for more soon.

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Julian Stephen - Sophisticated Thoughts

Back with another fantastic record and video is the Queens-based emcee Julian Stephen. I always get excited for new material from Julian because you never really know what to expect. In Sophisticated Thoughts, Julian is back with a feel-good record on which he sounds like a new school Biggie. I know that comparison may seem far-fetched but it pops into my mind every time I hear something new from him. Catch the rapper riding around in this video and shooting some hoops in the park, setting the perfect scene for the record in which Julian tells us about some of his biggest concerns with the world. Be sure to check out for all of Julian's previous releases and stay tuned for more!

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DAP - Hey Love, Hey Love Lust Love (Interlude)

Dolapo Akinkugbe, A.K.A DAP, has a remarkable story, and although only a Junior in college, his immense talent is undeniable. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, but shortly thereafter re-locating to London, DAP got his start in music as a classically trained piano player. Although he began with the piano, DAP's musical proclivity eventually led him towards rapping and producing.

After finishing high school in England, he took a gap year and came stateside, where he ended up doing two semesters at the renowned Berklee College Of Music. After his brief time in Boston, DAP decided to attend school at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. At Brown, DAP's music and creativity has flourished, and in late October he released his newest project "Goodbye For Never"Hey Love, Hey Love Lust Love, is my personal favorite from this release. The Interlude is really two tracks in one, the first, bright, soulful, tender, and the second, brooding, heart-broken, and forlorn. 

The track begins with DAP's progressive production, creating a mesmerizing blend of spacey synths, boom-bap percussion, and a shimmering positivity, as he romances a girl with his lovestruck wordplay. The hook on this section of the record is magnificent, and has a sticky quality to it, meaning you'll be replaying it in your head long after the song ends. DAP's verse has an enticing narrative built in, and his charismatic, tongue-twisting, lyricism is both intelligent and accessible.

After a brief transition comes the second track, this time beginning with a dark, lurking, instrumental. There's kind of a warped quality to the composition, with it's stuttering hi-hats, and the pitched-down, anguished crooning, now that his love has left him. The overlapping theme of love, and the two sides of this relationship, the hopeful beginning, and the painful end, unite both pieces, and make for an incredibly intriguing cut. 

As someone whose spent a large chunk of his life up until this point, either at, or around Brown, it's extraordinary to see someone this gifted making music in my backyard, and contributing to the culture in Providence. It's some of the more forward-thinking, intelligent, and enjoyable work I've had the pleasure of hearing, and the passion and soul behind it is instantly recognizable. 

If you dig this little piece of DAP's music, I highly suggest you check out the rest of his tape (linked above), and go peep his work as part of the duo The Contract, whose first release is HERE. I personally can't wait to hear what's next.

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Selah Sue - Together feat. Childish Gambino

Belgian artists Selah Sue release's a Childish Gambino featured track in preparation for her upcoming EP. 

Childish Gambino's wide variety of feature contributions continues to grow as we wind down a heavily Gambino contributed year of hip-hop. Selah Sue brings a great techno-alt-pop sound to her new track that flows through an optimistic hook. If you've ever wondered what an Ellie Goulding x Childish Gambino collab would sound like, this is probably a good bet. 

With a Gambino verse and expected production collaborations with Ludwig Gorransson, Childish fans should keep an eye on Selah Sue's upcoming EP Alone which is set to drop December 4th, you can pre-order here!

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