Friday, February 27, 2015

Logic - Top Ten (Feat. Big K.R.I.T.) [Prod. By 6ix]

Logic has been touring and living it up riding on the success of his debut album Under Pressure; thankfully he hit us with a brand new single. Top Ten brings DMV's golden boy back to his roots with 6ix on the production for this Big K.R.I.T. assisted track. I think Logic and Big K.R.I.T. are a great mix on this track; the drum kicks mixed with the background vocals really give the whole track an unmatched ambiance. I have to give Logic and his team major props for the artwork on Top Ten. For anyone that has ever played Mortal Kombat, this artwork puts Logic as Shao Kahn

We all deserve a pat on the back, by getting #TopTen trending on Twitter. Most artists don't have the fan support Logic does, and it really shows with how fast this song got trending. I foresee Logic rolling out a backpack full of tracks in the next coming months after the reaction by his fan base for this song. Let's hope to see a Big K.R.I.T. (Feat. Logic) song in the near future as well! We here at College-of-Music will keep you updated on all things Logic. 

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Felly - Stay Runnin (Feat. D. Brute)

Earlier this week Felly saw fit to bless us with a little loosie, just to keep the good vibrations coming. Fel takes a very introspective approach on Stay Runnin, racing through a series of profound thoughts "Nothing worse than waking / From a dream much better than this life you embracing" between sparse snare hits, eerie synths, and an occasional creaking. 

Accompanying Chris are the haunting vocals of D. Brute, whose crooning is a fitting complement to the slightly subdued bars. This is definitely a different sound than we're used to from Felly, but the moody thoughtfulness of Stay Runnin is a much needed reality check from the absentminded world of social media, which is consuming many of our generation.

So, vibe out to the sounds of Felly and D. Brute, and take some time to ruminate on this crazy world we live in. Big ups 2273.

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Elseware - Anxious

New York City duo Elseware has a debut record you won't soon forget. Paced by a driving guitar and knocking percussion, Anxious is a playful pop record with just a dash of hip-hop influence. Appealingly whimsical and breezy, Sam and Mark have captured a vibe reminiscent of speeding along an open highway with the wind in your hair, and a pretty little thing by your side. 

Pervading this record is an infectious youthfulness and unique charisma, probably provided by the distinctive blend of honeyed vocals and mischievous wordplay. The bridge and chorus are a thing of beauty, attaining an earworm-like quality with their pleasant summery simplicity. 

Although only one track into their careers, it's clear these guys have a promising future ahead. So stay tuned for what's next from Elseware, I'm anticipating more essential vibes.  

Connect with Elseware: @elsewaremusic

Jack Larsen - Dangerous (Prod. Cian P)

There's something about this track that just entrances me. Whether it's the  deliberate, atmospheric production, or the deeply emotive, hazy vocals, this record just takes me into a place of profound introspection. Jack Larsen elicits stirringly honest sentiments of love, while alternating deftly between tenderly crooned singing, and lustful, distorted rapping. Larsen's constant shuttling between the physical and emotional generates an intriguing dichotomy between desire and real love.

Cian P furnishes the instrumental, at times tranquil and shimmering, and at others woozy and moody. Dangerous is a breath of fresh air, experimental sonically, yet still deeply relatable. Though only 18, Jack Larsen has already cultivated a sound and aesthetic all his own, and featured alongside Kevin Abstract on his highly acclaimed project MTV1987

Here's to hoping we hear more of these intoxicating sounds soon. Show Jack Larsen some love, and check out the rest of his work on SoundCloud, it's well worth a trip. 

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Aidan Moore - Day In The Life (Feat. Marsden & Aviel)

Favorite blogger's favorite tree enthusiast is back with a new video for his single "Day In The Life". As one can assume by the title, the song and video by Aidan Moore walks you through a tour of sorts of his average day. Aidan is one of my favorite types of artists, he talks about real life, no smoke and mirrors. Featured artists Marsden and Aviel take turns slaying the mic and passing the dro. The piano in this beat is perfect for their verses, with a drum kick to add some spice. 

We'll keep you guys posted on any updates with Aidan's music, just stay with us here at College-of-Music.

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QuESt - Erase Me (Official Music Video)

QuESt, a Miami native, is the truth. In this video, QuESt struggles with a new area and adjusting to the seemingly ever-changing current of life. This record is a track off of his free album Searching Sylvan, which made it on the Best of 2014: COM Staff Picks. It's truly mesmerizing what some directors can do with such an simple scene. Cristian Bernal did an amazing feat by turning a hotel check-in into a rap music video; the lighting, angles, and perspective were all on-point in Erase Me.

With 2015 already rolling into March very soon, QuESt is definitely one of the artists to keep an eye open for in this new year. Keep checking back with us at COM for updates with QuESt's music.

Wise Up, The Regime.

QuESt - Automatic (Official Music Video)
QuESt - Decades (Prod. by Thelonious Martin)

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Towkio - Free Your Mind (Feat. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment) [Prod. Cam o'bi]

SaveMoney is crushing 2015, with Towkio cruising in his own lane. After teasing us for so long on Twitter, he finally dropped #FYM, a track that was totally worth the wait. I've always been a fan of authentic instruments, so the trumpets in this piece get my seal of approval.

The most entrancing aspect of SaveMoney and The Social Experiment as a whole is the feeling that every song is a jam session; or at least sounds like one. It sounds like that to me because there are so many overlapping layers, in a good way, and they seem to have a lot of fun when SaveMoney and The Social Experiment collaborate. The subject of all their Social Experiment collaborations is never commercialised bullshit, but rather it's always meaningful and insightful topics. I'd rather hear a song that promotes "thinking for yourself" than hear Rick Ross date-rape another girl on the radio. That's just me.

Towkio has just gotten started, so don't expect him to stop putting out music anytime soon. Keep it locked right here with College-of-Music to stay up to date with all things Towkio.

Towkio - Involved (Feat. Vic Mensa) [Prod. Kaytranada]

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jared Evan & Statik Selektah - Bass Is Low [Official Video]

It's crazy when the Bass Is Low. Jared Evan and Statik Selektah joined forces to make Still Blue a few months ago and today we get a fantastic video for one of its best tracks. Jared has always had impressive visuals, but this one takes the cake. Starring the beautiful Taryn Manning, the storyline and direction of this video is impeccable. It's obvious that a ton of work went into it, and it certainly doesn't go un noticed.

This defines what a music video should be. It is literally perfect; crisp, clear and meaningful. Jared's artistry isn't only showcased within his music, but also in his videos (with the help of the genius Rik Cordero). Check out the Bass Is Low video above and be sure to catch Jared Evan on his European Tour with Hoodie Allen!

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