Monday, October 20, 2014

Felly - Schoolzones (Prod. MKSB & Dream Entact)

Young Chris Felner and his team are thriving these days. The Connecticut native, better known as Felly, is gearing up for the release of his latest project titled "Milk & Sugar" on the 31st of October. Schoolzones is the first single we've been blessed with, and really shows both sides of the artist we've grown to love.

The first half of the track, until around the 2 minute mark, is a triumphant, groovy, feel-good effort from Fel, characterized by those vibrant synths, a little percussion and the smooth melodies. The vibe has a progressive feel to it, as Felly looks toward the future, while remaining grounded in, and enjoying the beauty of the present. 

Whether it be by cruising through school zones blowing smoke, or simply spending some time in the sun, we all could all afford to slow down a bit and just enjoy life a little more often.

The last minute and a half or so, is more of a throwback cut from the 2273 affiliate. Fel returns to his more lo-fi, jazzy roots that were the hallmarks of his sound up to this point, and complements them with some laid-back introspective bars that recall the days of "Come As You Are"

Overall, I think this track is a brilliant introduction to Felly's sound, and where it's going as he continues to progress and grow. This is just another great effort in a long line of them from the rising producer and emcee. 

Every time Felly drops something you should do yourself a favor and tune in. We at College Of Music have been big fans of the kid from Trumbull for a while now, since 2011 to be exact, and can't wait to see where his music continues to take him. 

Look out for the new project on Halloween, another great reason to look forward to this holiday other than costumes and parties, and stay tuned for more from Felly and 2273, as they continue to spread creativity and good vibes.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Drake – How About Now

If you've been paying enough attention to Champagne Papi in 2014, he's been on a conquest for Nicki Minaj like no other; (I guess, other than DJ Khaled, but we all knew he wasn't getting her. Come on.) with his appearance in her music video for Anaconda and this new leak from Drizzy How About Now starts with, what we assume can only be, audio from a voicemail from Ms. Minaj herself. Nicki talks about how he's changed and treats her differently, we suspect this is an older voicemail. As the title and lyrics to How About Now suggest, Drake thinks he's changed and wants another chance. Whether it is to hit it or try to go for the long con, looks like we'll have to wait for Views From The 6. With a sample from Jodeci, Drake lays some retrospective knowledge on each verse.

Since this is a leak of sorts, I decided to have a little fun and post the picture of Drake warming up with the University of Kentucky's Basketball team. Where he totally airballed, look at him looking all proud. 

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Brandyn Burnette - Empire

Have you ever heard a freebie that sounds like a hit single? If not, there's a first time for everything. Brandyn Burnette has been releasing material very consistently over the course of the past few weeks, and today we get a song off of his mixtape titled Empire. Brandyn has been working very hard on his upcoming EP The Couch Surfing Chronicles and decided to give us Empire to hold us over. When I say this record sounds like a radio single, I really mean it. The instrumental gives off nothing but good vibes and Brandyn's voice is perfect as usual. If this is the kind of music Brandyn is going to be releasing for free, I can only imagine what his EP is going to sound like. For now, check out this song and grab the free download via Brandyn's SoundCloud page.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shura - Indecision

London based synth-pop goddess Shura is here to bring some more retro-tinged groovy feels to your earlobes with her latest offering Indecision. Shura may be familiar to some of you, simply due to the fact her track "Touch" was the basis for Skizzy Mars melodic ode to late night booty calls, "Come Over".  Shura's sound is infectious and nostalgic, and something you're definitely going to want in your life.

On Indecision Shura displays a vulnerability, honesty, and relatability that shines through on this deeply personal break-up track. Her ethereal vocals just hammer home the anguish over the failed relationship, while the disco-like synth-based production makes for a stellar backdrop. This is a great track, and a refreshing sound to clean your palate from all the carbon copies that you'll hear in music today, especially hip-hop.

Check out the track, and more from Shura on her SoundCloud, and have a good Wednesday night.

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Devon Baldwin - Refuse (Prod. 4e)

Devon Baldwin, the beautiful, sultry voiced, singer-songwriter from San Francisco, California just earlier today let loose her first single Refuse. The oft-collaborator of Bay Area rapper G-Eazy, responsible for the gorgeous hooks on "Let's get Lost" and "Last Night" just to name a few, is here to bring the solo material many have been anticipating after her extraordinary vocal efforts on the aforementioned tracks. 

Refuse is an intriguing blend of electronic and R&B elements, as the emotive crooning from Baldwin is placed over a layered backdrop of some dreamy production from LA based outfit 4e. Just as Devon's lyrics describe two people who can't keep away from each other, despite their tumultuous past, I can't seem to pull myself away from the alluring vibes of this record. 

Refuse is set to feature on Devon's upcoming Lungs EP, titled because her lungs collapsed three different times during the recording process. Hopefully, we'll get more from Devon Baldwin very soon, but until than listen, download, and go heart this wonderful track over on the HypeMachine.

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The Weeknd - Often (Lido Remix)

Young Lido has been killing it lately. The 21 year old Norwegian producer, real name Peder Losnegard, has been rapidly taking over the game recently with a slew of infectious remixes. For his latest offering, the rising star decides to bless us with his own take on The Weeknd's Often. The original is a smooth, sensual R&B ballad from the Canadian superstar, as Abel croons about his sexual prowess over some sparing synths and crispy 808's. 

Lido wisely keeps the stunning vocals, but other than that, remakes the track in his own image, raising the tempo with some jumpy, synth heavy production that continues to slowly build, until about the two minute mark. Suddenly, some huge breaks come crashing in, joined by a distorted vocal track, providing a climactic ending to an enchanting composition.

Lido's version of the track is dance friendly, endlessly enjoyable, and extremely well done, just ask The Weeknd himself:
If you like what you hear from Lido, be sure to check out his recently released and critically acclaimed "I Love You EP", and stay tuned for more from one of the most talented producers in the world, at least in my, and Cashmere Cat's humble opinion.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Machine Gun Kelly - Raise The Flag [Official Video]

In the final Black Flag visual, Machine Gun Kelly visits the project's opening song and in my opinion, one of his most defining songs. Between the sample and the lyrics, I feel that this song represents EST and Machine Gun Kelly better than any other song he's put out. The visuals capture the feel of the song perfectly, as MGK spills out his heart and soul as usual. Though he's currently busy on tour, I can only hope we get a new project from Kells within the next couple months. Until then, check out this video and catch him on the No Class Tour!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Logic - Under Pressure (Official Music Video)

I admit to being late to this post, but, in my defense, you could almost glance right over this video and mistake it for Call of Duty gameplay. That being said, I liked the visuals in this video. One aspect of this video that I could see getting lost amongst all the explosions and gun shots is the fact that this video is only lightly cut up; you can tell how smooth the transitions between scenes are and how fluid everything flows. The numerous signs that are scattered throughout the video hint all around the October 21st release of Logic's debut album Under Pressure. With the talent Logic has, it won't come to a surprise to many fans that Logic produced the track himself. Stay tuned tomorrow night at 8pm to hear Logic in the BET Cypher along with Vic Mensa, G-Eazy, Emilio Rojas, Dillon Cooper, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Troy Ave and many more.

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You can pre-order Logic's debut album here, and the deluxe copy is available to order here. Check out the tracklist while you're pre-ordering the album and notice a difference in the time mark (3:47 for the single vs. 9:19 on the album) for Under Pressure, hinting at another segment to the song. The tracklist is below.