Thursday, October 30, 2014

KYLE - Don't Wanna Fall In Love [Official Music Video]

From beaches to video games, Superduper crewman KYLE drops off some great visuals for his newest hit "Don't Wanna Fall In Love". 

Any new visuals coming out of the Superduper Crew should have hip-hop fans excited. Whether it's a short film or a music video, the laughs and fun in Superduper projects always leave their viewers feeling the same. The 80's pop jam "Don't Wanna Fall In Love" lends itself great to energy filled film from one of California's hottest teams .

If you want to see KYLE and Brick pull off their pinpoint dance routine in person be sure to check out the dates for the Hey Kyle! Tour below with special guest Watsky!

Hey Kyle! Tour

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Black El - Do Not Disturb (Feat. Michael Christmas)

Three of Boston's finest link up to make a pretty wavy track. Black El and Michael Christmas are undoubtedly two of the cities best young emcees, but they link up with local producer Durkin to make a little Massachusetts magic. 

Until recently, Boston hip-hop hasn't really been on the national radar, but with artists like Cam Meekins, the aforementioned Christmas, and Cousin Stizz all starting to make some noise, people are starting to pay attention. With tracks like Do Not Disturd, they won't stop anytime soon. 

Over some woozy, psychedelic, production with some snappy percussion and those mind-bending synths Christmas and El regale us with tales of their life at nineteen. Carefree, blowing trees, with a few pretty things around, would rather not be bothered. 

Christmas is his characteristically clever, charismatic, occasionally humorous self, and this translates perfectly alongside Black El's own laid-back verses. The pitched down chorus is also a nice touch, and nicely wraps off the "I don't Give A Fuck" vibe of the effort. 

This track is awesome, and has me looking forward to what's coming from these three, and Boston as a whole. Look out for Black El's upcoming project "L_ST" soon.

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Jon Hope - Mondubu (Mixtape)

Just the other day we introduced you to an artist from Rhode Island named Jon Hope. Well, Jon just dropped his first full project in over two years with Mondubu. Mondubu is Jon's middle name, which hints at his African heritage, he's a first generation immigrant, and the project for Jon is about coming to terms with who he is as an artist and a person. 

Mondubu is pure hip-hop at it's finest, Jon is hungry, charismatic, and has a real story to tell. His wordplay and lyricism is truly exceptional, and you can tell Hope pours his heart into each and every track he creates. They say if you create great content, than the fans will come, if that's true, then Jon should be amassing quite a following in no time.

Eleven tracks long, Mondubu has a whole array of sounds from more soulful cuts, to braggadocio flexing, and even a little poetry. Jon is an emcee in every sense of the word. With tracks like "Mama's Kitchen", you get the more down to earth, soulful side of Jon, as he nostalgically brings it back to Mama's Kitchen. 

He also absolutely murders the beat from Kendrick's Hii Power on this track, flexing his immense lyrical prowess, and he knows it, repeatedly noting "Motherfucker I wrote this!" on the earworm-like hook. Just total realness, also the shoutout to Hope St., where I actually used to live is beautiful.

Then, there's my personal favorite track from the project, and just one of my favorite tracks period, "Camp Street & Comstock". This track just is Rhode Island hip-hop, as Jon artfully details his upbringing and what he's gone through to get here, on the verge of being a real threat in hip-hop. 

Describing the conflict between the East Side and South Side represented by Camp St. and Comstock, this song embodies Jon's Providence right down to "Uncle RIPTA". Jon's flexing "European Things", the introspective "Selfish" and the beautifully written "Blood Streams" are also dynamite tracks, and I highly suggest you give this a thorough listen through. 

I could not be more proud of this effort from Jon, and what he's doing for Rhode Island hip-hop. Can't wait to see what's next, including his album A Guy Named Harry set to drop sometime in 2015. 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Daye Jack - Summer Day (Official Music Video)

Even though Halloween is right around the corner, the leaves have changed, and the weathers getting cold, Daye Jack wants to take us back to the Summer. Summer Day is the second single from Jack's upcoming Soul Glitch, after September's "Easy". The !ngvar produced cut, is a feel-good, optimistic, tune that'll have you looking forward to those sun-soaked afternoons even as you're stuck inside chilly classrooms.

With a smooth guitar-loop layered with some percussion, the simplistic production is the perfect backdrop for Daye to do his thing over. The Georgia native once again shows off his capability to sing, as he nails the hook, describing exactly what we all love about those long days in the summertime. Jack continues to break the mold of what "hip-hop" is bringing us new, progressive, sounds on a consistent basis.

The NYU student's verses are peppered with the wordplay and clever thinking we've all come to expect from the supremely talented young artist, and the videos de-graded, distorted, visuals will have you feeling a little nostalgic, to the times of VCR's and simpler living. Stay tuned for more from Daye Jack, and in the meantime enjoy the wonderful Summer Day.

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Lais - Encore (Prod. GXNXVS)

Lais has been providing us with steady vibes from The 6 over the last couple months, and just when you started to miss him, he's back with more. Just yesterday the Penthouse Music representative dropped Encore a GXNXVS produced cut. 

With a soundscape largely dominated by some skittering drums, thumping bass, jumpy synths, and a couple pretty piano breakdowns, Lais gives us a thought-provoking verse, where he first claims he's doing fine. But, as the song goes on, he begins to reveal that he needs another tryst with this girl from his past, or an encore performance.  

Lais' soft crooning still manages to portray the visceral emotion of the track, and continues to solidify him as a rising member of Toronto's burgeoning music scene. Hopefully, we're blessed with more from the young artist soon, but until then make sure you check out Encore.

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[COM Premier] Kurt Rockmore - Thank God (Prod. KQuick)

Kurt has been a COM favorite for a while. You most likely know Kurt for some of his upbeat party/pop friendly music like Birthday Girl or Creepin, but that is just one side of him. This KQuick produced track shows a more serious side of him, in the rap game it can be hard to define who you are, everyone is making comparisons to other rappers. Make no mistake Kurt is here to stay in the game and should be defined as an artist in his own lane.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cal Scruby - Fake World

Cal Scruby is back with yet another new track, less than a month after his new song and video, The Kill. This time Cal gives us a chill flow, where he delivers some honest views on this fake world we live in. The development of Cal's flow over the years and how it has evolved gives all the credit to Cal and his team for the hard work. Putting in punchlines and lyrical content. A talented guy who clearly shows his talent on this track. I cannot stop listening to this track. If Cal keeps on this pace it isn't even the beginning for this Ohio native, this is the prelude for success.
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Jared Evan & Statik Selektah - Still Blue [Album]

Today, Jared Evan and Statik Selektah released their highly anticipated follow up to Boom Bap & Blues, Still Blue. Not only is this a flawless project top to bottom, but it also is insanely versatile. Whether you're a fan of Jared's melodies or verses, there's something for you on this album. Still Blue has lived up to all of my expectations and more. Jared also linked up with rappers such as Nyck Caution, Dessy Hinds and Michael Christmas to add some flavor to the record. So far, my favorite song would have to be Scene, but I'm sure that's bound to change with every listen. Everyone should check out this album. I promise you it's worth your time.

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