Thursday, July 30, 2015

Vic Mensa - Heir To The Throne (Freestyle)

Vic Mensa continues the rollout to his forthcoming album with a new freestyle over B.I.G's "Who Shot Ya?".

Although no official release date has been announced, Traffic is expected to drop later this year and will be Vic's first project under Roc Nation. The Savemoney artist's recent 808 heavy tracks in "U Mad" and "No Chill" have drawn mixed reactions from fans but "Heir To The Throne" takes listeners back to one of Vic's staple sounds on his come-up, the freestyle.

Even under a major label and the heavy guidance of Kanye, Vic's Traffic project should showcase the great sounds and originality that he is capable of. It has been awhile since we have seen a full body of work from Vic and with nearly 2 full years of collaborations and touring under his belt it will be exciting to see all of the sound and influences that come out of Traffic. 

For more Vic freestyle check out his recent appearance on Power 106 and his 2014 "When A Fire Starts To Burn". Stream "U Mad" and "No Chill" along with Vic's recent remix of Future's "Codeine Crazy".

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Alex Wiley - Heavens Gate (Music Video)

At the beginning of the month, Chicago's Alex Wiley casually sent out this tweet:

Yesterday he decided to drop this track, titled "Heavens Gate", along with a video to go with it. I have to agree, I feel this is one of his best songs as well. Wiley's unique voice and style resonates over an instrumental that is both calming and highly energized at the same time, using the same sample as Wiz Khalifa's recent hit "No Permisssion". Enjoy the song and watch Alex Wiley posted up pool-side on the West Coast above.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015 Exclusive Interview with Jake Miller

A few hours before hitting the stage in front of a packed house at Toads Place in downtown New Haven,  Jake Miller is blasting Meek Mill's newly released album on his decked-out tour bus.

With the Dazed and Confused Tour having been underway for a few days at this point, Jake is feeling confident that this tour is his best one yet.

"This tour is just so professional in every aspect," he said. "I have twice the amount of people with me on the road, the visual aspect of the show is ten times better, we have lights, stairs, confetti and I even take a few musical risks that I haven't before. Plus, I get to play a ton of new music which is exciting."

Jake's newest EP Rumors dropped July 8th, the night before the start of his Dazed and Confused Tour this summer. 

"Releasing an album with no promotion was something I had never done before," he said. "I usually hype things up for a really long time, so being able to drop this spontaneously right before the tour was cool."

The tour includes more than 30 stops nationwide and at the age of 22, Jake has enjoyed his young career of touring and playing live shows.

"I hate not being able to always take a shower," he said. "But it's so much fun to perform every night and explore all the cities we stop in. Yesterday we had a day off so we got to have some fun at the skate park and batting cages."

Despite all of his recent success, Jake has worked hard to get to this point. When talking about advice that made his rise to fame easier, he immediately recalled the time he spoke with Asher Roth.

"At the beginning of my career, I sat backstage with him for about an hour before our show," he said. "He was the most low-key, humble guy. I related to him a lot, and I remember him telling me to just not listen to the hate. Ever since then, I haven't paid any attention to negative comments I get online. I just try to focus on the positive ones because those are the only ones worth my attention."

Looking back at how far he's come, Jake notes the growth his music has seen since the early days.

"Rumors is really the first project I've put out in which you can hear that growth. I wanted to take a funky, summery vibe with this new EP but ended up going in all different directions. One of the songs is a John Mayer-ish track with a little bit of humor, another is a ballad which came out of nowhere after my friend passed away, and one of my favorites to perform is Shake It which is a club song and Yellow Lights is a really mature, windows down type of song. I like to keep them all different-sounding."

As for his plans after the Dazed and Confused Tour is complete, Jake says he plans to move out to Los Angeles and hopefully make music videos for all five of his new songs off his Rumors EP.

If the past few months are any indication, Jake Miller will be around for quite some time. The work ethic he and his team have is not only desirable, but rare. When I say I'm excited to see where the future takes Jake, I truly mean it. He has the world in his hands and I can't wait to see what he does with it.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Kehlani - The Way ft. Chance the Rapper [Official Music Video]

Kehlani, the young Bay Area R&B sensation, has quickly been on the come up especially after her recent project "You Should Be Here" dropped back in April. Today she dropped her second set of visuals from the project to compliment her single "The Way", featuring Chance the Rapper. The black and white composition directed by Chicago's Austin Vesely features Kehlani's staple choreographed dancing and matches the whole vibe of the track nicely. Chance makes an appearance for his second verse of the video, a type of verse that only Chano can deliver. According to Vesely via Twitter, he discovered he would be working on the video a week in advance and the group only had about three days to prepare, which is impressive considering the quality of the video. Kehlani dropped this in the midst of her national headlining "You Should Be Here Tour" with Pell which she has been selling out nearly every show.

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Matt McGhee - Lexus Music & Beamer Music

Coming off of dropping his notable "1920" project at in the last weeks of 2014, Matt McGhee has continued to have quite an active 2015, dropping a number of singles and guest verses. Earlier this week the Maryland artist added to his 2015 collection with the release of two more singles — "beamer music" and "lexus music". You might enjoy one type of car over the other, but you can vibe out equally to both of these luxurious tracks. Matt McGhee spreads some real lyrics on "beamer music" while "lexus music" takes a more storytelling approach. However, on both songs Matt McGhee displays his seemingly effortless flow. Check out both new releases below!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Brothers From Another - This Summer [Album]

Young Seattle's hip-hop trio, Brothers From Another deliver the funk on their debut full-length album.

This Summer takes on the format of a DJ Beeba hosted radio show that takes the listener through the assorted project. From the vintage cover art to the radio call-ins, the audio and visual decorations of the album help to accent the old school funk sounds that weave in and out of the playlist. This Summer personifies itself as a step-by-step guide to rolling down the windows and making the most of a beautiful summer day.

Beyond the radio inspired feel of the album, This Summer also gives the listener a raw look into the Seattle collective brought together on the album.

"Beeba's jumping, Isaiah's laughing and Coleman's sleeping" Sam Lachow ties into his verse on "Hanging Out", one of a few great name drops and conversations that help to bring out the recording energy of the project. The great vibes we hear from all artists off the project are nothing short of contagious.

All of the album's features play an important role to the sound of the project without taking away from the BFA showcase. Seductive contributions from Raveena and Ariana DeBoo bring polished emotions on "Blunt Talk" and "All You". Emcee features from familiar faces bring out raw energy along with diverse chorus' from Adra Boo and Otieno Terry which bring energy and insight, respectively.

Lyricism from Cole and Isaiah ranges from care-free and fun to conscious and astute. This Summer is an album that gives off an aura of fun at every turn but isn't afraid to take on emotions derived from relationships, friendships or experiences, among other inspirations. The Nima Skeemz production also captures many of the great instrumental sounds characteristic of the upper left while being flavored with BFA's own funk.

This Summer capitalizes on many of the great values we have seen from BFA's young musical journey. The progression we have seen from both emcees and the detailed level of executive production is a great testament to BFA's musical past and future journey.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Kyle Messner x Joey Aich - Snowcones and Backroads

Monday's always got me feeling some type of man, I tell ya.  Work was long as hell and it seemed I was on the fast track to eating junk food and watching the Bachelorette with my mom (YES I watch the show regularly, don't judge me).  Then I came across this gem from Joey Aich and Kyle Messner, which completely uplifted my spirits.  Maybe it's because my life is going a hundred different directions right now with no meaning but I can definitely relate with Snowcones and Backroads.  The song sounds like a Chance the Rapper production in how it jumps from topic to topic but it all ties back to a strong love for a beautiful, accepting and comfortable to be around girl.  I mean who wouldn't' love a girl that laughs at your bad jokes and cuts class with you to play Super Smash Bros??

Joey has been killing it this summer with hot songs and features that all deserve more recognition than they are receiving.  He's the type of artist you can listen to all day because of the calmness in his voice which seems to always lift your spirits and ease your soul.  Kyle Messner is an artist also out of Cleveland and is an extremely refreshing piece to the track.  I haven't listened to much of his music but will definitely be checking it out now because I was very impressed with his impact on this track, especially the chorus.  Keep showing both of them love and stay tuned for more to come.


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Sunday, July 19, 2015

C.A.Y.E. - Day Trips EP

One of the better things to enjoy during summer is all the different day trips, wherever the destinations may be. Coincidentally, one of the better projects that I've heard this summer is the Day Trips EP from C.A.Y.E. Although the Massachusetts artist is only 17-years-old, C.A.Y.E. delivers a fresh sound on this four song EP that in no way sounds like a debut project. 

"It's a culmination of everything I have learned as a producer and a musician in the last 4 years," C.A.Y.E. self-acclaimed. In my opinion if definitely shows.

The project was released as single tracks over the past month.  Each of the self-produced tracks contain quality verses and vibes, as well as impressive features of three of the songs.  Definitely will be looking forward to what C.A.Y.E. learns and has to release in the future. Play this EP anywhere from your basement to the beach below. 

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