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Tuesday, October 21, 2014 Exclusive Interview with MKTO

Its not everyday that I get an opportunity to interview one of the biggest breakout groups of the past year while they're on an arena tour, but I was recently given that privilege when MKTO traveled to Connecticut while on Demi Lovato's world tour. About eight months ago, we introduced our readers to the upcoming pop/hip-hop group composed of Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller. At the time they were gearing up for the release of their debut album and immediately caught my attention. Eight months later, the duo's single Classic has gone platinum in four countries and they have been touring the world non-stop. I've had the chance to see Malcolm and Tony perform twice, and I can genuinely say they are some of the most talented performers I have ever seen; not to mention their debut album is one of my favorite projects released in the past five years. While on the Demi World Tour, I caught up with MKTO and talked to them about their success, their acting careers, touring, plans for the future and so much more. Check out the video above to learn more about these superstars.

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Lion Babe - Jump Hi feat. Childish Gambino

The New York based duo Lion Babe drops off the newest installment to the 2014 Childish Gambino campaign. The alt-funk vocals and production are an interesting pair for an awesome Gambino verse (as expected). 

Childish Gambino has had a roller coaster of features in 2014 crossing many genres. From Fredo Santana to Ariana Grande, S-X and now Lion Babe (to name a few), the voyage of tracks Gambino has dropped verses on shows just how amazing and important of an artist he is right now. If you haven't already be sure to check out Stnmtn/Kauai!

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Eastside - Ellie (Loyal x Don't) [Michael Keenan Remix] Feat. Skizzy Mars

Michael Keenan, the producer behind Skizzy Mar's "Pace", and many of the New York City rapper's recent slew of hits, is here to bring us some long awaited solo material. Keenan is also a New York native, and over the last few months has been building quite a name for himself with his smooth up-tempo electronic productions. 

For this cut, Keenan puts his own spin on Eastside's Ellie, which itself is a cover of Chris Brown's "Loyal" and Ed Sheeran's "Don't". Keenan trades the stripped down acoustic backdrop of the original for a bouncy instrumental, complete with some rattling percussion and smooth melodies. 

The new production you might notice, sounds like something the aforementioned Skizzy Mars might flow over, and Skiz does in fact lend a verse to this stellar track. Between the airy vocals of Eastside, Skizzy interjects with a verse where he peddles through a series of females, while indulging in an intoxicating lifestyle. 

Michael Keenan really does a fantastic job with this, and he and Skizzy Mar's chemistry on a track is undeniable. Stay tuned for more from the duo, and show Michael some love for the awesome new tune.

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iLoveMakonnen - Tuesday Ft. Drake [Official Video]

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It's only right that Makonnen and Drake release the music video for Tuesday,,,ON A TUESDAY!!!! The instant hit caught on like wild fire and can be heard everywhere now. This is a personal favorite track of mine that is currently on repeat. You can also see a cameo from Young Gerald towards the 3:48 mark.

Chance The Rapper and SoX are going to release a new Project [News]

Chance The Rapper and his band The Social Experiment will be releasing a new project for free by the end of the year. The project will be titled Surf, and will highlight the talents of Nico Segal, A.K.A Donnie Trumpet. Chance claims this will be his biggest work since Acid Rap, so needless to say this will be something to look out for. 

Chance also went into some detail on artists he's been working with, including Pharell, Migos, Frank Ocean and more, and says that his next tour will be almost like a musical performance, or musical, complete with stories and everything. It's clear big things are coming from Chance The Rapper and his team, and their independent hustle doesn't seem set to stop anytime soon.

If you want to check out the full interview with Billboard that this info is from you can do that HERE. Until then, check out Chano's most recent drop "No Better Blues", which he also goes into detail on in the Billboard feature. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Dillon Cooper - X:XX [Mixtape]

Brooklyn's own and COM Freshman '14, Dillon Cooper has been generally quiet since the release of his Cozmik mixtape back in 2013, but Dillon has come back LOUD. The fifteen track birthday mixtape X:XX shows an amazing growth since Cozmik and is surely one of the best tapes of 2014.

Throughout the mixtape Dillon mixes some experimental, new-age sounds on tracks like "Eyes of the World" but takes it back on multiple occasions to showcase his seasoned lyricism and seemingly unmatched freestyle ability. With smoothly incorporated skits along with a great overall composition, X:XX is a mixtape that feels like a hit album. Who out there is dropping fire over an Allen Iverson sample?

The time and patience Dillon took to make X:XX what it is, has been well worth the wait. If you haven't already, make sure Dillon Cooper is on your radar and stays on it because big things are about to happen for the NY native.

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Marc Goone - Mike Matheny

In college making bad decisions is a mantra, as ubiquitous on campuses around the country as bars and kids passed out on sidewalks. However, when you're the manager of a professional baseball team, like Mike Matheny, continuously making errors in judgement is not as easily excused. In fact in Matheny's case it probably cost his team a shot at the World Series. 

In response to this, big St. Louis Cardinals fan Marc Goone decided to unleash the hottest diss track of 2014 to date in Mike Matheny. The often humorous rapper takes a somewhat different approach on this new release than he has in the past, giving us a chorus more reminiscent of a Young Thug or Rich Homie Quan release than that of previous Goone, but I'll admit I love it. 

That same quick wit is still readily apparent in Marc's verses, as he makes a series of comedic poor choices, that lead back into the Mike Matheny theme. Marc's auto-tuned crooning isn't what you may have expected from the man WHOSE STILL NOT A LOBSTER OKAY, but I think it's a positive sonic choice, at least for this track, and makes for a very catchy and enjoyable listen.

Although this is more of a tongue-in-cheek release from Marc, after a year of waiting I'm glad to finally get some new material from the talented emcee, and can't wait to see what's coming next. Until then, check out the new track, and show Marc Goone some love on Twitter and wherever else you can find him.

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Felly - Schoolzones (Prod. MKSB & Dream Entact)

Young Chris Felner and his team are thriving these days. The Connecticut native, better known as Felly, is gearing up for the release of his latest project titled "Milk & Sugar" on the 31st of October. Schoolzones is the first single we've been blessed with, and really shows both sides of the artist we've grown to love.

The first half of the track, until around the 2 minute mark, is a triumphant, groovy, feel-good effort from Fel, characterized by those vibrant synths, a little percussion and the smooth melodies. The vibe has a progressive feel to it, as Felly looks toward the future, while remaining grounded in, and enjoying the beauty of the present. 

Whether it be cruising through school zones blowing smoke, or simply spending some time in the sun, we all could all afford to slow down a bit and just enjoy life a little more often.

The last minute and a half or so, is more of a throwback cut from the 2273 affiliate. Fel returns to his more lo-fi, jazzy roots that were the hallmarks of his sound up to this point, and complements them with some laid-back introspective bars that recall the days of "Come As You Are"

Overall, I think this track is a brilliant introduction to Felly's sound, and where it's going as he continues to progress and grow. This is just another great effort in a long line of them from the rising producer and emcee. 

Every time Felly drops something you should do yourself a favor and tune in. We at College Of Music have been big fans of the kid from Trumbull for a while now, since 2011 to be exact, and can't wait to see where his music continues to take him. 

Look out for the new project on Halloween, another great reason to look forward to this holiday other than costumes and parties, and stay tuned for more from Felly and 2273, as they continue to spread creativity and good vibes.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Drake – How About Now

If you've been paying enough attention to Champagne Papi in 2014, he's been on a conquest for Nicki Minaj like no other; (I guess, other than DJ Khaled, but we all knew he wasn't getting her. Come on.) with his appearance in her music video for Anaconda and this new leak from Drizzy How About Now starts with, what we assume can only be, audio from a voicemail from Ms. Minaj herself. Nicki talks about how he's changed and treats her differently, we suspect this is an older voicemail. As the title and lyrics to How About Now suggest, Drake thinks he's changed and wants another chance. Whether it is to hit it or try to go for the long con, looks like we'll have to wait for Views From The 6. With a sample from Jodeci, Drake lays some retrospective knowledge on each verse.

Since this is a leak of sorts, I decided to have a little fun and post the picture of Drake warming up with the University of Kentucky's Basketball team. Where he totally airballed, look at him looking all proud. 

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Machine Gun Kelly - Raise The Flag [Official Video]

In the final Black Flag visual, Machine Gun Kelly visits the project's opening song and in my opinion, one of his most defining songs. Between the sample and the lyrics, I feel that this song represents EST and Machine Gun Kelly better than any other song he's put out. The visuals capture the feel of the song perfectly, as MGK spills out his heart and soul as usual. Though he's currently busy on tour, I can only hope we get a new project from Kells within the next couple months. Until then, check out this video and catch him on the No Class Tour!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Logic - Under Pressure (Official Music Video)

I admit to being late to this post, but, in my defense, you could almost glance right over this video and mistake it for Call of Duty gameplay. That being said, I liked the visuals in this video. One aspect of this video that I could see getting lost amongst all the explosions and gun shots is the fact that this video is only lightly cut up; you can tell how smooth the transitions between scenes are and how fluid everything flows. The numerous signs that are scattered throughout the video hint all around the October 21st release of Logic's debut album Under Pressure. With the talent Logic has, it won't come to a surprise to many fans that Logic produced the track himself. Stay tuned tomorrow night at 8pm to hear Logic in the BET Cypher along with Vic Mensa, G-Eazy, Emilio Rojas, Dillon Cooper, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Troy Ave and many more.

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You can pre-order Logic's debut album here, and the deluxe copy is available to order here. Check out the tracklist while you're pre-ordering the album and notice a difference in the time mark (3:47 for the single vs. 9:19 on the album) for Under Pressure, hinting at another segment to the song. The tracklist is below.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

MisterWives x Daye Jack - Insanity (Reflections Flip)

Daye Jack is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists. The 18 year old New York University student makes experimental, progressive, and boundary testing hip-hop, and is able to combine the arts of production, rapping and singing, all in one. With every successive release the Atlanta native continues to solidify himself as one of the most talented rising artists, not just in hip-hop, but music period.

Daye's latest effort Insanity, is a flip of the MisterWives bubbly pop anthem "Reflections" from their debut EP of the same name. However, aside from using a single line (which Daye actually changes) nominally as the hook, and using sections of the original in the outro, nothing about the re-work of Reflections is anything like the original, and as it turns out that's perfect.

The refrain Jack decides to highlight "Left a crack open, this insanity" really sets the tone for the rest of the track, as what was once an infectious pop hit becomes something else entirely. With an almost haunting intro, leading into that brooding chorus, we're clearly not in Kansas anymore. As the track moves along we're treated to a driving drum loop, and some stellar synth work, that really set off the insanely dope instrumental from Mr. Jack.

However, perhaps even more captivating is the verse Daye drops. The verse is impassioned, as Daye is determined to get some things off his chest in between the interjections of his signature ad-lib (BAAH!). Daye's occasional singing is also extremely on point, as he manages to do justice to the sections of the song normally belted out by the vocal powerhouse that is Mandy Lee.

Overall, another great track from Daye Jack. So listen, download, and look out for more from Daye and the MisterWives very soon.

Connect with Daye Jack: @DayeJack_ // SoundCloud

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wil Akogu - Escape Plan (Prod. Roca Beats)

These days Chicago seems to have a never-ending supply of fresh hip-hop talent. One artist who's caught my ear from the Windy City's wide array of young emcees is Wil Akogu. Although only 18 years old and a year deep into his burgeoning career, Akogu from first listen has that raw talent and charisma, which captivates you as a listener.

"Escape Plan" being my first introduction to Akogu, the two things that immediately stood out to me about Wil were: One, he wasn't afraid to engage with unconventional and progressive production, this time from Dutch producer Roca Beats, and two, the hunger and passion with which he spit his verses.

 As the track sets in, you're instantly taken with the smooth, evocative hook, that sets the tone for the track overall, as Akogu makes it his mission to escape the rugged, often violent, realities from which he came from. As the chorus gives way to the first verse the hunger that I brought up before sets in. 

With an animated delivery Akogu delves into the mindset of himself and his peers, as they try to make it out alive from the place that raised them. Surrounded by gang violence, drugs, and numerous other obstacles put in place to trip up the youth of Chicago, some times the only way to make it, is to make it out, hence Akogu's Escape Plan

Hopefully, his music can take him where he wants to go. If Wil can keep progressing from this already promising start, there's no limit on what this young artist can do. Stay tuned for more from Wil Akogu, and show the young man some major love.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Childish Gambino - Telegraph Ave [Official Music]

Childish Gambino is a monster.

You know something is important when Gambino tweets about it more than once. Promising fans a surprise during his Austin City Limits set, Gambino streamed the new video live to conclude his performance.

Perhaps his most cinematic music video (okay Firefly is there too), the "Telegraph Ave" story is taken to Kauai. With Jhene Aiko appearing in the video in bed with a blunt being rolled, we see the relationship seemingly pick up after the last coloration video from the two.

When Childish Gambino puts a song and video to any topic, you can expect many forms of brilliance. Commenting on the difficulties of relationships is just one topic that can always be taken to the next level by Gambino. The lyricism through visuals displayed gives levels to a video that is already admirable on the surface.

Entertaining, enthusiastic, well delivered and always well done. Childish Gambino is at the top of the game right now (like Tiffany). Check out Stnmtn/Kauai below.

Stnmtn/Kauai [Stream and Download]

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jon Waltz - Alyss EP

Jon Waltz, a name that although may not draw immediate recognition, is one you're about to hear a whole lot more about. The 19 year old rapper, a native of Memphis, Tennessee, is probably most well known in the College of Music community for his work alongside New York's Skizzy Mars, having featured on two tracks from the buzzing emcee's increasingly well known discography, including "Drink and Dance" one of the stand-out cuts from the excellent Pace

However, it's now time for Waltz to get some shine for his own work, as Jon is every bit as talented as his Penthouse Music contemporary. Able to sing and rap equally adeptly, Waltz is able to master a variety of sounds and feels, and that truly shines through on his just released EP Alyss. I don't believe it's too much of a stretch to say that this debut full length project is one of the finest you'll listen to for the remainder of 2014.

Peripherally based on Alice In Wonderland, Alyss follows the story of a wealth young socialite named Alyss, who leaves home in search of something more, but quickly falls back into the same vapid ways she left behind. That is until she comes across Waltz's conflicted character Randall. Similar to Alyss, although Randall is currently pushing coke to rich prep-schoolers, he both wants, and has the potential to be something more.

You can check out the full story on Jon's Website, with a description of the scene detailed in every track. What's really impressive though is Waltz execution of this concept, as his introspective lyricism and ability to switch seamlessly between a moody, deeper track, to a more upbeat, smooth track is prodigious, and illustrates why his music has such a wide appeal.

Although Jon is perfectly capable of carrying the project all on his own, he brings along fellow rising stars Allan Kingdom and Michael Christmas to contribute some impressive features. The whole project is endlessly well done, and will live on repeat in my iTunes library for a long time.

Highlights for me include: College Girl, Bang, and the title track, but it's all very dope. Definitely give this a listen through, download, and support young Jon Waltz.

Connect with Jon Waltz: @JonWaltz // Facebook

Lais - Dirty Martinis (Prod. IAMNOBODI)

The newest member of the ever-expanding, multi-talented, Penthouse Music family, Lais, is back with some more vibes to give to the people. The Toronto native comes through with another drug infused record, as Lais details time spent with a girl whom he seems to have a contentious relationship with. The result of which sees the girl trying to drown away her apprehensions in "Dirty Martinis", and other vices that only serve to numb the pain. 

The feel of the record is at times moody, hazy, and atmospheric, as Lais croons over the production courtesy of Soulection's IAMNOBODI. The subdued R&B vocals of the young Canadian, joined with the woozy synths, make for a track that is probably best enjoyed at a certain level of intoxication, yet is still relatable and laid back no matter when it blesses your eardrums. 

Stay tuned for more from Lais and the Penthouse Music family soon, and in the meantime listen, download, and vibe to Dirty Martinis.

Also shouts to Haris Fazlani on the cover-art.

Connect with Lais: @LIVELAISED // SoundCloud

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Chris Webby - Let's Do It Again

As I was listening to The White Noise LP  last night, I realized how far Chris Webby has come. Being a fan since 2009, it's pretty crazy to see Chris gearing up for the release of his debut album. I know for a fact that I will be buying a bunch of copies of Chemically Imbalanced on October 28th to support a genuine artist that has been giving his fans free music for the past five years. If you don't have enough money to support a hard working independent artist, please refer to Chris' latest release for some words. On this new single, Webby shows his diversity by making a party anthem with an infectious hook. We all know that he can spit bars and with Let's Do It Again, he proves to us that he can also make a track for the people who may not be a fan of his raw hip-hop material (even though I think those people need to re-evaluate their lives). Chemically Imbalanced is going to blow peoples minds, and is now available on iTunes for pre-order.

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Run The Jewels - Oh My Darling Don't Cry

With a new Run The Jewels album coming out, Killer Mike and El-P are about to roll out some work. The simply titled Run The Jewels 2 album is dropping on October 27th on Mass Appeal Records. Oh Darling Don't Cry is a hype track from the hip-hop duo to followup their first single Blockbuster Night Part 1. This single, however, was released via Adult Swim Singles, a program launched by the cable program as a way to promote artists via Adult Swim's Soundcloud page. I've always loved the new music I've gotten from following Adult Swim Singles, especially when it's the new Run The Jewels.

After such an amazing first round with Run The Jewels, we can only anticipate an growth with Run The Jewels 2; the tracklist and album artwork for Run The Jewels 2 is listed below. If you're looking for them to come to your city, check out their tour dates by clicking here.

Monday, October 6, 2014

QuESt - Back & More (Prod. by Jansport J)

If you're like me, you're still bumping Searching Sylvan. Miami MC QuESt dropped arguably the best mixtape of 2014, yet he still has some amazing music stored in the Visionary Music Group vault. This track Back and More didn't quite make it to the mixtape, but it really fits with the mood of Searching Sylvan; especially the "la la la"s and the water color art. QuESt talks about coming up as a discouraged MC, his father-figure, and realising that anything is possible. With production from legend Jansport J, this could have served as a phenomenal outro. The heavy piano throughout the beat would have given a nice touch of emotion to trail out the mixtape.

QuESt - Struggle Rapper
QuESt - Lost Niggas

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Cal Scruby - The Kill (ft. Jukebox) [Official Music Video]

COM favorite Cal Scruby, out of Cincinnati, has returned with a new song and video with the help of Jukebox. Cal has evolved as an artist in his sound, quality, flow and everything a fan hopes to see an artist they support progress in. Since joining Riveting Entertainment, Cal's music videos have progressed as well, this one being the best yet. It's only a matter of time now for Cal and his team.