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I've been wanting to make a pump up mixtape for a long time. Finally over the summer a few days before the actual Olympics started, when soccer started, I had the idea of doing "Alex Morgan Pump Up Songs," this is pretty much what we think you should listen to before any game or during workout to get you pumped and ready to go. Also, Alex Morgan, if you ever read this, we believe this is what you should listen to before your soccer matches to get in the zone. Mainly, listen to the lyrics and beat of these songs, you'll get psyched. In honor of reaching 8,000 fans on Facebook we give you a mixtape that's been in the works for months. Grab this if you enjoy motivational songs or are into sports and need some pre-game music, this is for YOU, so make a playlist on your iPod, iPhone, mp3 player and just let this go while you're at the gym. #TeamCOM

(PS: There are 25 songs, some are just missing from the playlist below)

Congratulations Class of 2012!

So I myself will be graduating next year in the Class of 2013 (Like a 13oss), but I have some extremely close friends in this years class of 2012 and have been planning this mixtape for quite sometime now. This mixtape isn't something for only graduates..I have made sure it is something all people can enjoy, hence the added "I Made It" in the title. We give you guys one mixtape a month and this is your mixtape for the month of May! Enjoy and do big things in life. We have left a little touching letter at the end of the mixtape along with a bonus track from the late Steve Jobs. Note: All featured artists' Facebook pages are below the media player.

Featured Artists: Eddy B & Tim GunterUpper WestSammy AdamsOCD: Moosh & TwistJDHuey MackHoodie AllenDieter SchaafOnCueTruth HimselfASAP RockyMacklemore & Ryan LewisChiddy BangD-WHYDylan OwenNa PalmTimefliesLoggyMike StudKinetics & One LoveOutasight

So we know it's a lot of people's favorite holiday today so just for you guys we made you this little jam tape of 25 songs that you can sit back and roll one to. Includes artists like Aer, Mac Miller, Macklemore, A$AP Rocky, Wiz Khalifa, and many more. Shout out to our blogger and graphics guy Liam for making this dope artwork cover. Also, a lot of you probably think Wiz and Mac have the best smoking songs but I beg to differ..I believe Aer does.

38 songs! If you haven't noticed we like to give you guys a little mixtape we throw together at least one a month. This week the big holiday is Valentine's Day and at first we were going to make 4 different editions with different titles for: Break Up, Make Up, Single, In Love, and of course, Making Love music but instead one of our bloggers (Johnny) came up with this great title. This tape has some love songs and some hate songs..I guarantee we have a song to fit your mood for today. With songs from Macklemore, Hoodie Allen, Bei Maejor, Cris Cab, IanJ, Big Sean, Mike Posner and so much more. We had to split the download into two parts, part 1 consists of tracks 1-20 and part 2 consists of tracks 21-38. Sadly sharebeast deleted our link and I have lost the files to this when my old computer crashed. We love all our amazing fans and views! Happy Valentine's Day #TeamCOM #NALB

Spring Break 2k12

Since I'm still in high school it's not my spring break but I know a lot of you college kids have spring break just around the corner or are currently on it. Sadly, a lot of you athletes don't have a much of a spring break but these will still work for your baseball, lacrosse, track, or any other sport, warm-up and workout. Make sure you rage hard over break and watch out for these babies to rage in. Songs for your parties, beach days, or just kicking back and relaxing.

NYE Recovery - Hungover (Vol. 1)

With most of you guys in recovery mode today we thought it was only fitting. As always, Michael Molinaro hits us up with the great mixtape cover. This is something you can blast to while you're unable to get up from your bed. Kick back and relax we understand. 15 songs from some of the best including Bailee Moore, Timeflies, Chiddy Bang, Wiz Khalifa, and much more.

New Years Eve - Fuck It We're Young

Here it is! The mixtape we have been promising to drop to make sure you have it in time for your New Year's Eve parties. At first I was going to make it only 25 songs but after thinking it over I realized our fans and followers go hard and need more songs than that, so here it is the final outcome with all your party pleasures of 30 songs. Yes, there are 2 remixes to Avicii's hit song Levels, along with his original (I like them all). As always our dude, Michael Molinaro made this sick cover. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and are a fan of us on Facebook. Also, make sure you follow me (your founder) on Twitter. #FIWY
PS: Feel free to use this at any part not just New Years.

The Pre-Game Mixtape

A present!

Here is a present to all of our fans from your blog team. We have reached 1000 fans on Facebook, but in our books this is just the start. We are going to make this site the best anyone has ever seen or heard of. If you want to be one of those rare kids that can say, "Yea I knew this site when it had less than a 1000 fans," then spread the word! We love all of our fans and this is something for you all, a mixtape to listen to while you Pre Game. With so many drinking songs and party songs on this, from Mac Miller to Na Palm to Chiddy Bang and some Xaphoon Jones remixes by himself. This is the ultimate Pre Game tape. Enjoy.

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Back To School House Party 2011
Party til you puke!

With a ton of colleges around the nation already back in session and others starting up in a few days we figured it was only right to make a mixtape for you to play at your house parties. With people songs from Na Palm, Sammy Adams, T - Flo, Huey Mack just to name a few. We give you a party anthem for you! Whatever year you're in whether it's your 1st 2nd or 10th everyone can put this mixtape on the boombox and blast it to 10. Because we love our fans here is a mixtape made just for you guys! DOWNLOAD IT NOW.
Note: We do have something special coming at 1000 Facebook fans, but don't do it too fast it's not all done yet!
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Party Hardy Playlist

For reaching 300 fans on Facebook here is our Party Hardy Playlist. We will be making the Ultimate Party Playlist later on though with these songs and so much more until then enjoy! Thank you to everyone that follows this blog! Don't forget 100 followers on Twitter means a Summertime Music Playlist so share with all your friends! Download the songs individually below or grab the whole playlist here!
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