SUMBIT MUSIC: If you are looking to contact us to send your music please follow the instructions on our submission page by sending an email to

CONTACT OTHER THAN MUSIC: If you are looking to talk to us about sponsoring a mixtape, a clothing company looking to do giveaways, an artists looking to do merchandise or ticket giveaways and/or sponsor a tour. Then please email us at We are always willing to hear new offers and ideas out. Also for fans who are looking for information or have a question.

WRITE FOR US: We might not always be looking for new writers at COM but we are always reading the applications of those applying. If you impress us, we will hire you. We are pretty strict on not wanting writers that are also artists, due to commitment and bias. You can submit us your music via the submissions if that is what you want. If you want to write for us here at COM then please fill out our application. This is a no paying job. We do it strictly for the love of writing and music. 

OTHER FORMS OF CONTACT: Unless you have a working/personal relationship with one of the writers here at COM we highly frown upon sending a personal Facebook message with your music. We do not want our personal messages filled up with music. However, feel free to message us on the COM Facebook page with any questions, we do not like submissions here as well. We like to have everything in one place. 

We also have a Twitter where you can ask us questions, for the quickest response, we try to stay best interactive with our readers on Twitter. If you have anything, other than submitting music, then Twitter is the easiest place to go. If not anything above works.