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About College of Music
College-of-Music.com is a music website, that was founded in 2011. COM is out there to get you information on new music, new videos, new albums, as well as any music related news that we find interesting. We are dedicated to promoting new artists, as well as more known artists. We tend to stick to hip-hop but also dabble in the indie/pop field as well. Our motto is "No Artist Left Behind" or NALBIf you are any kind of music fan and enjoy listening to and discovering new music, this website is for you. 

If you take time out of your day to contact us with your music or about any questions we will take the time to listen and answer your questions, unfortunately we cannot answer all of our submissions due to the vast amount we receive. If we enjoy your music and plan to post it, we will contact you back. 

When this website was first launched we were just kids that loved music and had lofty goals and ambitions about our careers and COM. Although COM has surpassed those goals and continues to grow more each day, we remain those same kids that just love music and love to share it with everyone. That remains the heart and soul of COM.


Nora Hassan: Founder/Owner/Editor

I founded this website when I was a sophomore (15), in high school. I have spent my entire life in Raleigh, NC. I am living a dream I don't want to wake up from. I founded College-Of-Music or, COM, to show people the most recent hip-hop gems. This website is dedicated to keeping our readers in the loop about new music from all over the world. While we are here for the readers we are mainly here as a platform for the artists brave enough to put themselves out there. When I'm not working with music I'm probably watching and doing something concerning football (soccer), massive Liverpool fan or reading. Below is the staff that posts the music you love here on COM; without them none of this is possible we are a family, #TeamCOM.  Find me on Twitter
"Becoming an adult is probably the dumbest thing you could ever do" - Calvin & Hobbes

Liam McCarthy: Writer/Graphics

In the summer of 2011 I came across a music website that was desperately looking for new writers. Three years and 58,000 fans later, I'm proud to be a part of Team COM. I love sharing my favorite songs with the world and helping artists get the recognition they deserve. Though hip-hop is my favorite genre, I listen to all types of music. I don't care if you're a pop singer or a rock guitarist; if you make good music, you make good music and that is all that matters. In addition to being a writer at College-of-Music.com, I also do all the graphic design found on the site. Find me on Twitter.

Jon Kassab: Writer

I have always loved music and I DJed all through high school. In college, I got into music websites and when I thought about contributing, I turned to COM. COM had  great setup and it was something I yearned to be a part of; they were interviewing my favorite artists and posting songs that fit right with my music. So, naturally, I applied and now I work for them. I have worked closely with Visionary Music Group, Blue Richard Media, The RLES, to name a few. On the side I am the Promotions Director at my college's radio station, WXOU, so you could say that I'm kind of surrounded by music. We have an amazing team here at COM and I wouldn't know all I know about music without these guys (and two girls!). To hear more rambling, connect with me on Twitter.

Robby Kelly: Writer

I'm a junior at Michigan State University, I love going to basketball & football games cheering on the Spartans. I love playing soccer, but my passion is writing and music. Hip-hop is my favorite genre of music and I can't get enough of it. For me independent rap has an artistic value that other types of music just don't have. Finding great new music is my favorite thing to do, especially if it's unknown. I love playing music for people and introducing them to new artists. There's no better feeling than someone popping their head in my dorm asking "what rapper is this?" or "who made this song?". I hope as I get older I will aways have the chance to write about music and for people to see it. If one person reads what I write and enjoys it, then my job is accomplished. Dream big and go green. Connect with me on Twitter.

Luke Benjamin: Writer

Bio coming soon.

Madeline Warner: Writer
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Richie Bozek: Writer

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Ryan Welage: Writer

Bio coming soon.

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