Monday, October 21, 2013

Angel Haze - Same Love (Freestyle)

Wow. So Macklemore x Ryan Lewis' version of this song is untouchable, obviously, with Macklemore being straight talking about the homophobic habits of rappers and just society in general. Now we have the Same Love version from a someone who is bisexual. This is something that was started by Macklemore x Ryan Lewis.

This is a beautiful and honest song from Angel Haze, someone I think is a fantastic artist and give her a few months and will easily be one of the best female emcee's out there, I think she might already be. This is a great freestyle, one of the truest songs and most fearless songs I've heard, pretty much since Ben and Ryan released their original version of the song. Cheers to Angel Haze for this, this is art and this takes courage. Bravo.

Here's to loving just because. Here's to acceptance. Listen to the whole song.


  1. Trying to preach equality while hating on peoples religious views?! Your ignorant and you are now the bully! Nice try tho

    1. When she oppresses an entire group of individuals and denies that what she is doing is hate please come back to me and tell me that she is a bully. Until then youre the ignorant one.

    2. There is a big difference between saying you hate religion compared to the persecution and discrimination of people who are not heterosexual.

  2. I agree. Love is love, but hating religion is the same as them hating homosexuality.