Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pot Shop - Macklemore x Ryan Lewis Thrift Shop Parody

Pot Shop [Click To Download]

We should have seen this one coming. Even though Macklemore is sober this song is set up perfectly for some hilarious parody's including one about marijuana. Steve Berke is one of the funniest guys on YouTube, check him out if you haven't. We ripped the mp3 from YouTube if you want it! Shoutout to the man Steve Berke himself for commenting on this post and giving us the official link to download the song. Honestly laughed my head off on this one.


  1. That's freaking hilarious! Sharp too, with some solid points about US politics.

  2. Hey, this is Steve. You don't need to rip the mp3 off of YouTube. I offer the song for a free download, and it is probably better quality than the ripped version. Here is the zippyshare link:

  3. Funny! And Macklemore at the end , he he. Thanks for the upload :)