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The Sammy Adams Collection (Songs Edition) [MUST HAVE]

I have been a fan of Sammy since the start, as I said before. I have decided to put together a post that has all of Sammy's old stuff along with his newest. Including one of his two songs he made using "Wizzy Production." I am pretty sure I have all of expect one of Sammy's songs, but if I do find it you will be the first to have it. Here are some must grabs for all music and Sammy fans. He truly is "Boston's Boy." Samuel Adam Wisner. ATTENTION: IF YOU WANT ALL OF THESE SINGLE SONGS YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE THING BELOW

I Hate College, is a remix to Asher Roth's hit song, I Love College. This is better than the original and it never gets old. This is THE song that put Sammy on the map and where he got all his loyal fans from and this is a MUST HAVE.

Better Than You [Click To Download]

Another song from Sammy that is underrated. This is a song that hit the web around the time of I Hate College and helped propel him to his fame. The beat and song its self are dirty.

Brand New [Click To Download]

This is also one of the songs that came out with I Hate College. For the loyal fans since the beginning these remain some of their favorite songs by Sammy.

Kimber (RIP) [Click To Download]

That raspy voice comes into this song big time on this track and that's what makes this song unique. Kimber is yet another song that came out about the time of I Hate College. This song also has a meaning behind it if you can't tell.

Opening Day [Click To Download]

Opening Day was a hit song for Sammy as well with a mellow feel to it. Not my top song from him but still a good song from the kid. Sammy does prove that he is a lyricist however. This again was released around the time of I Hate College.

Rollin' [Click To Download]

If you haven't noticed these songs that came out at the same time were all at the time when he was using the name "Wiz." He kept that name "until Khalifa said yeah."

PokerFace (Remix) [Click To Download]

Remember Lady Gaga's older songs? Well you can listen to this remix, the best hip-hop remix of Gaga's hit song. Once again Wisner shows us his lyrical skills on this track.

Hard Shit [Click To Download]

Yet another "Wizzy" song. Sammy uses that mellow flow that made fans fall in love with him and his style. I say all Sammy Adams fans need to have these 8 songs for sure!

Walk With These (ft. Curren$y) [Click To Download]

This song featuring Curren$y came out shortly after Sammy's internet success with the first 8 songs. This song first got noticed in April 2010

In The Zone [Click To Download]

This song started to receive attention around the same time as Walk With These. Not Sammy's best I'm not a big fan of this track personally but he still has some dope lyrics on it.

Let The Music Play [Click To Download]

I just want to say this, Sammy Adams must be a psychic or something. Why do I say this? First, we was rocking snapbacks way back before any other artists I know and second, he was making dope electro beats like this back before he started rapping. There is another song called "Afterdark" that I could not find that is the same feel as this. Sammy you are a genius the track is gold and a gem to find. He released this under the name "Wizzy Productions."

The New Kid [Click To Download]

A hard bass feeling track that Sammy straight raps over. A decent song but you can tell he has grown since this.

Arrogance [Click To Download]

Here's another song that was a "Wiz" track but wasn't as highly favored as the other tracks. A short song but not that bad.

You Want This [Click To Download]

Yet another track released under "Wiz" that didn't make it quite as big and popular as the others. Still a decent track, I don't mind it.

Hiroshima (ft. Supraliminal) [Click To Download]

This song was noticed by music lovers and Sammy loves a few months after his name became Internet famous. As he has a nice collab with Supraliminal.

Broke Party [Click To Download]

Yet another song that Sammy released under the name "Wiz," but once again was not a fan or blog favorite. Sammy does a nice job on this one however.

See Me Now [Click To Download]

On March 4th 2010 Sammy released an EP called Boston's Boy that would top iTunes charts. This song was introduced on the deluxe version with other songs.

Fly Jets Over Boston (ft. Curren$y) [Click To Download]

Yet another song that was released on Boston's Boy deluxe version. I am so happy Sammy added this song because it is one of my favorites from the EP. 

Fly So High (ft. Sammy Adams) [Click To Download]

Gamechangerz (ft. Sammy Adams [Click To Download]

Here are two features by Sammy Adams on two songs by G Curtis. Nice grabs for both artists.

No...Yeah (ft. Sammy Adams) [Click To Download]

This is a song I found recently but fell in love with it. Once again it is a feature from Sammy, but the artists who sings this (Michael Africk) has an insanely great voice and this song in general is a good song, Sammy has a nice feature but I say everyone should grab this song..it's a gem.

Lolita (Prod. Red Spyda) [Click To Download]

This song floated to the surface October of 2010 to help Sammy's fanbase continue to grow. Not my favorite but still a good grab.

Lions Den [Click To Download]

Lions Den surfaced the same time as Lolita and the fans loved this one! It's got that electro feel that Sammy can handle so well.

I'm Ragin (ft. Sammy Adams) [Click To Download]

Sammy hops on a club jam by Bei Maejor. If you like to rage this is you.

Still I Rise (ft. G Curtis) [Click To Download]

This is one of my favorite tracks from Sammy. I think him and the G Curtis collab are dope! Sammy kills this song and G Curtis' hook is great. This was eventually added to the deluxe version of Boston's Boy. 

Just Sayin' [Click To Download]

Yet another one of my favorite tracks from Boston's Boy. This was also added on to the deluxe version of Boston's Boy. One of his best songs that hasn't gotten the limelight it deserves.

Letter To The Lost [Click To Download]

Here is a Sammy song that went buy with little hype when it came out in Feb. 2011. I personally like this song, as Sammy talks about growing up and becoming who he is today. It tells a story, which is rare coming from Sammy.

Push And Rise (Remix) [Click To Download]

Released in September of 2011 not the greatest from Sammy but some love it. I think he could do better personally. Here's one of the newer tracks from Wisner.

Coming Home (Remix) [Click To Download]

Sammy is back with this one! Dropped in January of 2011 but I love it to death! We hadn't heard anything new from Sammy for a while and then he dropped this of one of the most popular songs of 2011. This is still one of my favorites probably number 2 behind I Hate College. 

Blow Up [Click To Download]

The final song I am giving you guys his hit single that will be on his debut album coming in 2012. Not only is this video dope but his song is a great one buy the kid. He has really improved on his choruses (not that anything was bad with them before) and has all of Boston behind him. Soon the world will know what BBSG is.

Download Sammy's Freestyle [Click To Download]

Here's a 24 second freestyle from Sammy that he preformed on the Conan show. This is not on the "Download all" tape.

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